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  1. One thing future Dirt titles seriously need is more testing and a more stable release. Both Dirt 4 and DR2.0 were severely unfinished at release, Dirt Rally was early access but these were supposed to be complete games which they really were not. If you won't release games on early access then at least do a large closed or open beta. And include beta testers who are not pro drivers on high-end rigs, maybe then you won't be surprised to learn many players are not happy with a nonexistent FFB. Even with post-launch additions the lack of testing has been obvious, many content additions include so
  2. Hopefully for future titles the FOV and driver position adjust feature will be improved, it's pretty weak as it is. adjustable FOV on all platforms adjustable FOV in every view separate FOV and position settings for different views FOV adjustable per degrees, not in large chunks driver position adjust that allows movement in every direction limits on the driver position adjust far less restrictive
  3. It doesn't depend. Every single last digital speedometer in DR2.0, as in DR1, is in imperial units. Analog speedometers use mph or km/h depending on the car. For future titles this maybe should be changed so that either digital speedometers use the units that the real car uses, or it changes depending on your HUD setting. Forcing imperial units where they don't belong isn't very nice, or authentic. Also related, a huge amount of cars in DR2.0 use the same generic display instead of having it accurately modelled to match the kind of display the real car uses. Impreza S4 and Ibiza supercar
  4. Speaking of online events, what's the deal with bonus events using only base game content? Happening all the time now. I thought the idea with bonus events, as opposed to no-ribbon events, was that they involve DLC. Which has always been heavily under-represented in online events since we have no-ribbon events, AI events, and formerly D+ events all using exclusively base game content.
  5. No to adding sepate disciplines with a tiny bit of content. Game has a very finite amount of cars and tracks so it's just better to use it on rally. If they add a hillclimb discipline with like 1 track and 3 cars then it's still a large amount of work and licenses, which could be better used for rally, but the result is only a small hillclimb component that gets stale pretty quick as it's just driving the one same track with a few cars. Whereas with a rally car you don't just drive it on the one same track, you drive it on all rally stages in the game, in a variety of gamemodes. So leave hillc
  6. BMW M3 E36 and/or E46. E36's and E46's a a very common sight in national rally events Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX. Imo one of the coolest rally Evo's. Or Evo VIII Classic Porsche 911 Porsche 959 Alpine A110 R-GT Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato. Left field choice as this is not a racing car but an off-road concept, but surely there can be a left field choice or few among the established rally cars, would certainly add some variety
  7. In Peugeot 208 T16 R5 the driver door sometimes appears in the wrong position is cockpit view, so there is a large gap between door and A-pillar. vs. Door in correct position: Steam, super deluxe edition 1230v3, GTX 1070, 16gb ram, SSD, Windows 10, SB Z 2D, 2560x1440 60Hz Logitech G920+shifter
  8. I wasn't clear enough I suppose. I was referring to every single digital speedometer being in mph, they should use the units the real car uses which isn't the case.
  9. More R-GT online events would be nice. It's almost nonexistent in online events despite being a vanilla class. Why? Those are awesome cars too. H1, H2, R2, R5 have events every week but R-GT events are really rare
  10. Actually nvm if he deleted the tweet
  11. Maybe some kind of "first things first" approach would be nice for future titles. With DR2.0, CM have struggled with some very rudimentary stuff such as correct gearboxes for each car, AI consistency, metric units in speedometers, windshield wipers, daytime weather, driver position in cockpit view, FFB. Maybe when they get all the basics working right then we can think of adding more advanced sim features.
  12. See here how it literally says it's been modified for R-GT racing. Hence, not real GT4 spec. Which should be quite obvious anyway as real GT4 spec would be terrible for gravel and snow. And it's a modification that has never been done in reality. Of course you could keep arguing all day about how they are not technically fictional but that's kind of beside the point. I'm not even overly keen on arguing about whether they are technically fictional or not, just an obvious example of something that very clearly is not 100% authentic and true to life since these are not even rally cars. Which btw
  13. Ford Mustang GT4 is a GT4 racecar, the one that appears in DR2.0 is a fictional rally spec version. Camaro ditto. A fictional version of a real car is fictional. Kind of like how Peugeot 208 is a real car but a WRC spec version of it is fictional. It's no different from a fictional R-GT version of a GT4 racer, so at least try to be consistent about your assertions. Polo WRC 2017 is not even fictional, it's a very real car that just never got to race.
  14. Dirt Rally 2.0 has fictional cars already. And you are asking for them to return. There's room to have a few fantasy cars as well in a game with mostly very real cars. We aren't going to get current-spec WRC cars in a Dirt Rally title anytime soon so a fictional car is the next best thing.
  15. Yea that was kind of like my point that it's the opposite of rare. And has been for a long time
  16. And this So rare it takes mere hours from posting that for their servers to kick the bucket. Maybe, just maybe, Codemasters could stop being in denial about their servers being shockingly unstable and unreliable?
  17. Nope Steam, Finland (which btw does not have zero visibility fog on clear dry summer daytime as in DR2.0)
  18. None whatsoever. I actually got a PM from a developer saying he cannot assist me because I have modified my game. I had a few skin mods at the time. I told him the game was crashing constantly before I had ever installed any mods, and it continued to crash after I removed all of them and reinstalled the game. He did not respond to that at all.
  19. You choose a car every event. Not stuck with the same car edit: except clubs that have a specific rule that you must stick with the same car
  20. Sure there are plenty of other clubs. I just don't see the point of not allowing playing the official clubs a half decent amount. No other clubs get even close to the player amount in official clubs so having them vacant seems a bit of a waste when they could just as well be designed for active players and enable playing them a lot. 6 months was already way too long. Also these social media hype tactics are really stale. Seem to work well on some people though
  21. I am looking for a way to compete against my fellow drivers. What I am not looking for is to wait a month to be able to do so. You know, it's entirely possible to not play Dirt Rally 2.0 without a club designed to prevent players from playing the club.
  22. 28 days per event???? Dude. Way, way too long. Set it to like a week tops, even that is a lot of time for just one event. A waste of a club to not allow players to play but instead make them wait forever for the next event
  23. If you are as fast as the randomized times then semi-finals and finals will be a joke because the AI drivers are far slower than you. Also you will win every heat by a huge margin, for the very same reason. If you are as fast as the physical AI drivers then you are fast enough to win semi-finals and finals, but you will usually not get there because you will finish 16th in every qualifier since the randomized times are far faster than the physical AI opponents. It's not possible to have good offline racing on some levels because the difficulty is broken. The randomized times have to
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