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  1. 86 til Infinity


    what do you mean not licensed its the official F1 2020 Video Game. The the official F1 season included san marino portuguese gp and mugello that should give them every right to make the calender accurate. question is are they passionate enough to please the fans!?
  2. 86 til Infinity

    F1 2021 must include Imola and Nürburgring

    you mean in F1 2020 !! they should come with a patch as soon as it is possible.as the official f1 2020 game the season calender must be fixed. everyone exspects that from a company like codemasters. would be great to hear a statement from code on that matter.
  3. 86 til Infinity

    Missing tracks

    for 80€ price tag that should be expected to fix the season. regardless how long it will take to include them . they just have to be in it to represent the real 2020 season. same goes to the black lives matter mercedes livery.