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  1. Reinstallment the game didn't help. I started to looking for scenario how to reproduce that and I found it. The question of mark is if that glitch occurs only on my PC (e.g. device conflict) or everyone can reproduce that. Please check this for me if you can. It's easily visible when you play the wheel and use manual sequentional transmission. During stage press any key on the keyboard (I pressed space) and the bug should immediately appears. Then check if gearbox changes gears properly while you give it input (especially downshift). It should looked like I recorded here https://streamable.com/ifrwl
  2. I will try to reinstall the game but @PJTierney thanks for not even giving any advice what to do since 4 months. Not even word that you can't reproduce that. I know what means to play support line because I maintain big financial system but if I had reacted the way you do guys, I would have been fired long time ago.
  3. I decided to record whats happening. Please take a closer look. As you can see when Im trying to change the gear to N it does not respond. After two, three attempts it reacts but in a few seconds it comes back to 1 without input. https://streamable.com/ifrwl I also noticed that the problem affects left paddle shifter e.g. if I go to menu during rally, my left paddle shifter works properly because it respond when I change submenu.
  4. Iam playing DR 2.0 steam version on G29 using manual sequentional transmission and change gears with steering wheel paddle shifters. I've noticed few times that after I minimize the game and back to game strange things start to happen. When I change gear up everything works fine but when I try to change gear down it doesn't change immediately after I used paddle shifter. Then when I try again it still doesn't work but at certain moment game will change gear itself, it looks like a huge delay between input and game reaction. After restart the problem disappears. Could you take a closer look at that ?