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  1. Totally agree I thought the whole point of this mode was to take over a real driver, so disappointed
  2. I expected alot more from £70 deluxe edition at least having the avatars and there helmets very disappointed
  3. Hello my game crashed after I went to start my 1st race in single player career mode on ps4 console
  4. I sorted it 10 mins after posted this altered the wrong setting lol
  5. Above the car is this wierd caution thing and it moves when accelerating its doing my head in
  6. 1. Add the driver icon faces so we can drive as them like last year's game. 2. Add the proper podium driver screens winning a race dosent feel rewarding or realistic enough to real life. 3. Bring back classic cars and add classic tracks. 4. Give us the option to take over a real driver for career mode. 5. Add an option to have commentary like old games.
  7. Iv just gone and bought the deluxe edition add on but noticed you don't have the driver icons faces like we did with the schumacher edition was hoping to start a new career as michael schumacher or button by creating them will these be added please
  8. Gutted just hope now ea have taken over we get proper updates like fifa constantly has
  9. Just started another new season of my team and noticed drivers like mick schumacher only 60 overall any chance of 1 last driver skill update before the new one comes out
  10. M. Schumacher R. Schumacher Damon Hill Senna mansell hakkinen jacque villeneuve
  11. Will there be any final updates to f1 2020 to keep us ticking over until f1 2021 comes out
  12. This is amazing news so excited to see who the iconic drivers are 😁
  13. Let's hope we get a roster update or an option to manually transfer drivers and edit there stats ourselves
  14. My new Ford f1 racing design and my team schumacher
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