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  1. Real race commentary with option to have on or off like old games use to have Murray walker commentary during races me personally it would give that more true to life feel. Be able to start a career mode or my team as any driver on the game. More classic drivers and there avatars. More customisations for my team we are very limited on consoles as pc can use mods. Face creation so can finally make our own face without using rubbish avatars. Bring back Classic cars and tracks. Better podium celebrations true to life. Get interviewed but Jenson Button or
  2. Think they should make a special championship winning Williams livery for us to purchase that fits the cars
  3. Anyone else having a pit stop issue where the car automatically drives into the wall several times then telleports to the track damaged if so do a mid race save and exit then when you reload it works fine happened on 6 races in my team career mode so far
  4. The ability to be able to manually transfer drivers to a team of choice your choice. Editable driver stats. More realistic podium and cut scenes. Bring back classic cars and tracks. All icons as avatars. Use a real driver in career mode. Use classic cars liverys. Wheels completely break away from the car. Engine fires. All f1 tracks in the game be miles better for career mode season choices.
  5. Any news about icon avatars are we going to get them in this game like previous years
  6. Is there any news on if we will be getting icon drivers as avatars to use in career mode I really want to replicate michael schumachers career but can't find any information 😕
  7. Hopefully add legend avatars for us to use in career mode
  8. Anyone else noticed Hamilton has his proper hair style in story mode but career mode it's normal why is this
  9. Wouldn't be as bad if you could actually edit the entire avatar face to look like anyone you want at the moment we are stuck with rubbish faces it's pointless
  10. Totally agree I thought the whole point of this mode was to take over a real driver, so disappointed
  11. I expected alot more from £70 deluxe edition at least having the avatars and there helmets very disappointed
  12. Hello my game crashed after I went to start my 1st race in single player career mode on ps4 console
  13. I sorted it 10 mins after posted this altered the wrong setting lol
  14. Above the car is this wierd caution thing and it moves when accelerating its doing my head in
  15. 1. Add the driver icon faces so we can drive as them like last year's game. 2. Add the proper podium driver screens winning a race dosent feel rewarding or realistic enough to real life. 3. Bring back classic cars and add classic tracks. 4. Give us the option to take over a real driver for career mode. 5. Add an option to have commentary like old games.
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