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  1. JonathanGreen88

    Cheating Game

    Anyone else had this problem in career mode, was fastest in qualifying by just less than a second just watched Hamilton and verstappen both just do a flying lap and complete it both get second and third 30 seconds later it ends to then see myself 4th place on the grid how on earth is that possiblešŸ˜ 
  2. JonathanGreen88

    R&D Resources Info

    Hi can you save up resource points for when you transfer to a new team or are they fixed to the team your in.
  3. JonathanGreen88

    Race bug

    Hello iv no idea how to do the correct procedure no link to copy ote so apologies in advance, this is the 1st time I have encountered this problem just won a race in Russia in career mode had at least a 15 second lead driver celebrating in car then it shows position 15th checked race directory nothing on there apart from a warning
  4. JonathanGreen88

    How many seasons

    Thanks well that's scrapped my plan of of doing a 16 year schumacher career mode
  5. JonathanGreen88

    How many seasons

    Hello just wandering how many seasons there is in career mode and my team mode please
  6. JonathanGreen88

    Driver transfers

    I agree there should be an editor especially for character creation then players could create anybody
  7. JonathanGreen88

    More tracks

    Instead of just putting calendar tracks on why not put every single f1 track onto the game as there is already an option to change what tracks we use then players would be able to pick there own race schedule.
  8. JonathanGreen88

    Driver transfers

    I personally think haveing the ability to do manual driver transfers from 1 team to the next would be a great addition to the game and save any waiting time for an update
  9. JonathanGreen88

    Game error

    Was at end of qualifying and on a flying lap suddenly yellow flags come on screen car slows down then 1 corner later wipes off showing this error.
  10. JonathanGreen88

    Car damage

    That makes no sense you can't have a realistic f1 game without real crashes surly they can add this in
  11. JonathanGreen88

    Car damage

    Love f1 2020 but is there a way to turn of the ghost car mode me and Hamilton clip wheels he goes straight into wall but instead of a mass crash pile up he goes like a ghost car and once they all pass him goes Norman and my damage is on full not tried simulation does that change much older f1 games have had big crashes it makes it more realistic will always remember belgium 1998 grand prix
  12. JonathanGreen88

    Patch ideas

    Weather: The weather needs to be the same on podium celebrations, just done a full race in rain and goes to a sunny podium then back to rain on driver tables screen My Team: Allow for the use of any another created driver to be your team mate aswell
  13. JonathanGreen88

    Future update ideas for F1 2020

    Recently bought the schumacher edition and loving it best part for me is getting to actually create him for career mode, it would be even better if they added more classic drivers faces to the game eg: Hill, Mansel, Senna, Hakkinen. If this isn't possible then instead add a full face creation so we can make our own face from scratch. Classic Mode DLC: With all classic Tracks more cars, real drivers and for it to actually feel like a classic mode you 100% need Murray walker doing the commentary.