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  1. v1.11 menus and non-stereo screens have got a lot more alias artifacts. Has AA been disabled on these maybe?
  2. The HDR is really bad in VR and exasperated by headsets with a large vertical FOV (Index for me). This is due to seeing a lot more of the inside of the car where it is darker towards the foot-well and the HDR trying to compensate with an already bright exterior. If there is snow or sun it becomes unplayable. The constant variability due to HDR hurts immersion too. My number 1 please fix request.
  3. obo's fix works great and will not cause any issue with other games. It ONLY runs for the Dirt games and only when the game is active (dinput dll added to games folder). There seems to be a long running issue with CM games and usb polling glitches (years?) but DR2 was the first for me to show this and I nearly refunded it. CM owe obo a beer 🙂
  4. Just tried your latest version and it's looking good! nice one!
  5. @obo thanks for your efforts here but it doesn't make any difference for me with Dirt Rally 2.0 😞 Darn... as the periodic glitching is just the same when my wheel is plugged in.