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  1. jukkiwasup

    Gearbox wear too high in F1 2019? [R2]

    I have an issue with gearbox wear now in my season 2 with Alfa Romeo. I raced season 1 with 50% races and changed it to 100% races for this season. I'm currently in Bahrain, only race to do, and my fully upgraded gearbox shows whopping 44% wear after one and a half race weekend. This can't be right? For comparison, if you look Jimmy Broadbent's livestream with Alfa Romeo (100% races), his gearbox has 63% wear in season 1 in Spanish GP (5/6) with durability improvement of 10%. Do I have to start completely a new career if I want to drive 100% races? It seems like my gearbox wears at the same level if I'm driving 50% races..