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  1. SourceCodeError

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Another request: Navigation Map (Mini Map in bottom left during race): It's too large (zoomed in) to see what's coming up. I have noticed that before I see a turn on the Map I can see the turn approaching ahead. Shouldn't the Navigation Map show me what's coming up? Shouldn't it show me a whole section of the track so I can anticipate turns, bends, chicanes, straights, and the like?
  2. SourceCodeError

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    Couple of things... Headlights (bug): They don't work. Xbox 1X, remapped headlights (blind) to the "A" button... when pressed, they just flash but don't stay on. Makes it very difficult to drive some tracks at night. (Note: Some tracks, the headlights are already on.) Credits: Could you please re-format the Credits to appear with commas (or even periods) to make it a bit more readable? Career: As mentioned several times, can Career races have an option for longer races? Free Play: Could you please pay more for Free Play races? 1,000 Credits for 10 laps doesn't seem right when in career mode I make 40,000 for 3 laps. Starting Grid: Can there be a way to view the starting grid? The scrolling of the grid at race start isn't enough. Observations: I'm finding it very hard to play the game in third person (chase cam). It appears to me that the cars center of gravity is in the center of the car rather than at the front wheels. It's hard to explain, but in First Person (hood/bonnet view) the car turns correctly; in Third Person (Chase Cam), the car appears to turn at its center... Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. SourceCodeError

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    I'm new to GRID (Xbox 1X, G920), so I'm spending most of my time in FREE PLAY to learn tracks and vehicles. I'm really, really, disappointed to see how little I earn after a 5 lap race. In career, I'm winning gobs of credits for 3 Laps (agree this should be changeable), but in FREE PLAY, it's petty cash. Not a major issue right now, because I can go into Career Mode and win credits, but what happens when that's done? There doesn't seem to be any incentive to race in FREE PLAY. Also, minor issue, but why does my GRID Edition Corvette look like I ran it through a meat blender at the start of each race? Obviously, this is planned, but to me, my car should be pristine at the beginning of a race. BTW, racing is very enjoyable in this game... Good Job!
  4. Where did the circles go? Are you guys playing with me?
  5. I don't know... It appears the things you've circled on the right are in the picture on the left as well, they just look like they've been designed a little differently. But look at the people... the trees.. to me, the left just looks a lot better. They even put in a fire escape! Shadows are harder to judge, it depends on the time of day, cloud formations, current season... too many factors.
  6. Sorry, I guess I picked the wrong side. In my defense though, I don’t know what TAA implementation or aliasing is… I do know what artifacts are, but I’m guessing it’s not the same thing you’re referring to. I’m just your average, every day, run-of-the-mill, gamer. I was just judging the images based on the total composition, not each pixel in the image… sorry, my bad.
  7. This one I think is harder to judge. That's because it appears the sun is in a different position on each (I say that based on the shadows). Both look very good, but I like the perspective on the left better; the right seems too far away. Also, on the left side I can definitely see the bystanders... on the right, I'm not sure. I'm on the fence on the trees. The trees on the right are too far away to get a feel of detail, but the ones on the left... they look good, but my mind is telling me they are fake trees. (does that even make sense?)
  8. You think so? I'm not sure... you can see the cables on the bridge way in the back.
  9. See, on these photos, I still think the left looks better. Yes, I see the "breakup" in cables with lamps, but I would contribute that to the glare of the sky. The roads look pretty good in both, the left just looks like it's been resurfaced recently. But as you look to the distance, the right side looks blurrier.
  10. In all fairness, they both look pretty good. But my first reaction is that the left side looks better to me (I realize that is only a personal opinion). The colors on the left just look more vibrant, the buildings, the sky. The right side looks like a photo (it looks very good), but the left side looks like I'm actually there. Also, I realize the cameras may be off a bit, but the perspective of the right side doesn't look correct. The buildings in the back look too far away. The buildings on the left look more natural. Again, photo vs. real. So, which game did I pick?
  11. SourceCodeError

    GRID Wheel Support

    Yes, thanks! I also saw a YouTube Video where the racer was using the G920 with an Xbox... looked great!
  12. SourceCodeError

    GRID Wheel Support

    For the Xbox it says "Logitech G920 Racing Wheel" but doesn't mention the pedals... Do you think that is just "implied" because they are usually sold together (wheel and pedals)?
  13. SourceCodeError

    Grid ultimate edition

    The graphics in that first video look amazing. Looks like it could be a winner!
  14. SourceCodeError

    Grid ultimate edition

    Great! Thank you!
  15. SourceCodeError

    Grid ultimate edition

    I come from the Forza Community and they're always throwing extras at you to pre-order (usually cars). So I guess it's kind of refreshing to see a developer who doesn't depend on those gimmicks to entice sales. More than likely I will wait until I see some YouTube reviews before purchasing. I use a wheel & pedals for racing and I hope to see some feedback on that before ordering. Plus, reading this forum, it appears there are a lot of mixed emotions on the quality of this game.