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  1. Another request: Navigation Map (Mini Map in bottom left during race): It's too large (zoomed in) to see what's coming up. I have noticed that before I see a turn on the Map I can see the turn approaching ahead. Shouldn't the Navigation Map show me what's coming up? Shouldn't it show me a whole section of the track so I can anticipate turns, bends, chicanes, straights, and the like?
  2. Couple of things... Headlights (bug): They don't work. Xbox 1X, remapped headlights (blind) to the "A" button... when pressed, they just flash but don't stay on. Makes it very difficult to drive some tracks at night. (Note: Some tracks, the headlights are already on.) Credits: Could you please re-format the Credits to appear with commas (or even periods) to make it a bit more readable? Career: As mentioned several times, can Career races have an option for longer races? Free Play: Could you please pay more for Free Play races? 1,000 Credits for 10 laps doesn't seem righ
  3. I'm new to GRID (Xbox 1X, G920), so I'm spending most of my time in FREE PLAY to learn tracks and vehicles. I'm really, really, disappointed to see how little I earn after a 5 lap race. In career, I'm winning gobs of credits for 3 Laps (agree this should be changeable), but in FREE PLAY, it's petty cash. Not a major issue right now, because I can go into Career Mode and win credits, but what happens when that's done? There doesn't seem to be any incentive to race in FREE PLAY. Also, minor issue, but why does my GRID Edition Corvette look like I ran it through a meat blender at the
  4. Yes, thanks! I also saw a YouTube Video where the racer was using the G920 with an Xbox... looked great!
  5. For the Xbox it says "Logitech G920 Racing Wheel" but doesn't mention the pedals... Do you think that is just "implied" because they are usually sold together (wheel and pedals)?
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