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  1. hampti

    WRC 9

    Never tried WRC 8 cause WRC 7 was unplayable caused by horrirble stuttering Issuses I was never able to solve. And as I researched I was not alone whith that. So... is there any Progress in WRC 9(PC Version) concerning these Problems?
  2. hampti


    As the Picture shows.....the event is running 27Days, you get your reward when the event is over.
  3. Hey CM, this is your chance. The big streaming Services already reduces their streaming Quality to minimize Network Traffic. So, what do you think.....be Part of it and erase the need of beeing always Online? I guess many people would like it 😉
  4. Hi, at present there are no Points given for anyone for the last Event in Monaro(Championship 3)?!
  5. hampti

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    And is it free for Ultimate Edition owners or will everybody pay for it? And what will come with it? Again a few Cars, one or two Tracks and 33 new Career Events? I'm very very curious if anybody is willing to spend even 1€ for it.
  6. I want to have more Filter Options in the Leaderboards. At the moment you can only choose Global and Friends, it would be nice to sort it by Continent and Country, also want to sort the shift Mode(automatic and manuall) And another reward System that motivates to play the Career Mode. Like getting Cars for winning or finishing, Cars that you only can get this way and can't buy them.
  7. hampti

    Any Events in schedule?

    Thanks for this fast response. Honestly it sounds like bad News for me, but I'll keep the hope you/CM surprise me/us positive in further Updates.
  8. Hi Codemasters, do we have any chance getting things like...commuty events, an official "Grid Club" like the "offical Dirt" Club, any Kind of official Event including exclusive and unique Rewards like particulary Cars for example? I don't wanna say the Game is Trash, but to be honest.....it's a little bit boring at the present state of play.
  9. I can't understand why it's not in the game. For me it's a must have. So, yes, it must be implemented soon.
  10. I had this Problem after changing from a RX 570 to a RX 590 GPU. Testing several tips from the www (Wattman settings, erase MSI Afterburner, Steam Overlay.......), all needless. At least I renewed my PSU. Update from an, around 10 year old, OCZ ModXtreme Pro 500W to a modern Be Quiet Straight Power 11 550W(for sure, it could be any other modern PSU). After this "Tweak" the Problem is gone and my GPU runs stable at 1545Mhz(with old PSU it's jumping continious between 1100 and 1545) while playing without crashing the Game. So I guess, in my case it wasn't the Game that made problems but the aged PSU was unable to deliver the needed/constant Power to the GPU. Maybe it's a trial for other people here to solve the Problem.
  11. I remember....I loved Corsika Rally in V-Rally on PS One......so it would be nice to race it again 🙂 Also I could imagine it would be fun to race City Courses in Rally style. So CM could proof if it's possible to add, for example, Havanna, Barcelona, Paris.... from the Grid Games.