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  1. I thought about if it's possible to add a new kind of daily or weekly Challanges. A Challange with a Track/Stage that was randomly generated through a Trackediter by CM. So that it is a Stage that isn't ingame and nobody driven before and can't go full throttle or extreme cutting edges cause it's unknown to everyone.
  2. I had this Problem after changing from a RX 570 to a RX 590 GPU. Testing several tips from the www (Wattman settings, erase MSI Afterburner, Steam Overlay.......), all needless. At least I renewed my PSU. Update from an, around 10 year old, OCZ ModXtreme Pro 500W to a modern Be Quiet Straight Power 11 550W(for sure, it could be any other modern PSU). After this "Tweak" the Problem is gone and my GPU runs stable at 1545Mhz(with old PSU it's jumping continious between 1100 and 1545) while playing without crashing the Game. So I guess, in my case it wasn't the Game that made problems but the aged PSU was unable to deliver the needed/constant Power to the GPU. Maybe it's a trial for other people here to solve the Problem.
  3. hampti

    Problem with 5.1 sound

    Maybe that's the problem, cause i think my soundcard hasn't integrated Dolby or DTS decoders. Have this one: https://www.amazon.de/Creative-Blaster-Express-Soundkarte-Bulkware/dp/B000V02HWS And my Edifier C6XD system had also no integrated decoders. Maybe it's time for a newer Soundcard.
  4. hampti

    DIRT RALLY 3.0 : locations you want back

    I remember....I loved Corsika Rally in V-Rally on PS One......so it would be nice to race it again 🙂 Also I could imagine it would be fun to race City Courses in Rally style. So CM could proof if it's possible to add, for example, Havanna, Barcelona, Paris.... from the Grid Games.
  5. Hi, is there any known issue with 5.1 sound in this Game? The whole engine sound comes out of my rear speakers, it seems that the sound is kind of reversed. In Dirt 4 and Dirt Rally 2, and also in Movies, it's alright, so i don't think that it is a basic problem with my setup.
  6. hampti

    Dirt rally 2.0 access violation

    Access violation at address 0xcd6db187 in module 'dirtrally2.exe' + 0x88b187 It began after changing from an Powercolor RX570 4GB Red Dragon to an Sapphire RX 590 8GB Nitro+ SE.
  7. ........basic lobby for online Multiplayer, so that we can choose what we want to play and shut down this cage fight thing. Instead of this cage fight area you can add an spectate option while waiting for the end of a running Race. Also i miss Community Events as it is in Dirt Rally2.0. Regards from a little bored Grid 2019 Player.
  8. Codemasters....you promised a lot, but can you say when all this great things are available? At present i can't access Quickmatch. A click on it turns me to the searchscreen and then...........nothing!!! I mean really nothing, only way to leave the searchscreen is by calling the Taskmanager and stop the Game. And if you look at the Steam discussions you'll see it seems to be a generall problem. So please hurry up to fix this nogo problem. I
  9. Hi, is there already a list of supported Wheels? Because before I preorder the game, I need to know if my Logitech G25 will work on it. Greets