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  1. Ps4 deluxe Thrustmaster t300rs So I came across this the other day and have been able to recreate it consistently. If you enter the my team events and collect you credits from completing challenges, and the go back to the main menu and enter the garage, this will happen. The only way to stop it seems to be to close application. 20191117_133053.mp4
  2. Ps4 deluxe edition Thrustmaster t300rs Soft lock isn't working on the lancia delta integrale hf. Pretty sure it should be 720 not 1080
  3. Danm321

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.8 Bug Reports

    Ps4 Dulexe edition Thrustmaster t300 & thrustmaster sparco mod In the cockpit view in time trials, the display on the dashboard is very dark and it is nearly impossible to see what gear you are in. This only seems to be happening in the Greece stages.