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  1. Hi guys. Yeah, I also did some testing last night and initially got the same result with game focus needing to be on the stereoscopic window and not the Mirror window. I then plugged in a 2nd monitor, set the main Stereo window to focus on primary monitor, and Mirror on 2nd monitor, and it works perfectly!!! No performance hit, runs as smooth as before. And with the additional Mirror config options, you can get a nice high res, full screen for "passenger" viewing pleasure. SOLVED!!!! Thanks to all for the help and suggestions (Well....not CodeMaster). We got there together in the end. Hope this helps somebody else too. (BTW, if you do struggle with frame stutter, this article solved it for me. It's focus is Non-VR, but worked in VR for me. Used to get a very slight glitch/stutter every 4 or 5 seconds)
  2. Thanks for the responses guys.We still seem to be stuck though. Have not tried Mirror on DIRT, good idea. As far as performance, will go test tonight. AFAIK (read this somewhere, sometime, dont hold me to it) any mirroring of HMD to desktop does not require extra rendering power from the GPU. It only renders the HMD, and then it really is just a mirror image. Have found interesting additional config info for Mirror though... https://developer.oculus.com/documentation/pcsdk/latest/concepts/dg-compositor-mirror/
  3. Game works perfectly in all aspects inside the HMD. All is perfect and smooth on Ultra settings. However, the mirrored window on my desktop display is showing as 2x stereoscopic viewports, not one consolidated 2D view like it does in Dirt VR 1.0. So HMD good, it's just the "spectator view" on desktop thats not right. Please help. Setup is: Win10x64 (Latest Updates) i7-3770K OC'd @ 4.7GHz 16GB DDR3 RAM MSI Duke Nvidia RTX2080 (Latest drivers 436.30) 1x 32" BenQ monitor connected on DP Oculus Rift connected on HDMI Oculus Store Edition of Dirt Rally VR 2.0, v1.8 Thrustmaster Ferrari 458 racing wheel