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  1. @BarryBL Nerf ABS only in TT and Multiplayer, I beg you Codies. Most want to have an enjoyable time playing Career Mode without the nerfs.
  2. Hi. Recently I've discovered an issue with the lighting in F1 2020 1. Description: When I loaded into a race, the game seemed to lag very hard. Apparently there's a blue tint on the cars when the lag happens, but it only happens rarely. It lasts the whole session. 2. Version: F1 2020 1.04 3. Gamemode: Career Mode 5. Cause: Happens whenever I tab out while loading to do something else for long amounts of time. 6. Troubleshoot: Have to restart F1 2020 as a whole and load back in 7. Hardware: T300RS + CSL Elite Pedals 8. Screenshots: No current screenshots. Will edit in when found again.