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  1. daviddaz


    I think your meaning about the upcoming season content . Nothing has be released yet . It’s DLC . No dates have confirmed yet . The only thing that’s actually available with the ultimate edition and ultimate edition upgrade is a few unique cars at the moment . More information can be seen on this forum post
  2. daviddaz

    Where is this location

    At the same time as the first DLC pack ultimate edition I assume. Which is unknown at the moment. I would guess in the next few weeks
  3. daviddaz

    Where is this location

    I just hope they add to the experience. Definitely in the multiplayer. Like grid2. Also in more modes in single play
  4. daviddaz

    Where is this location

    Excellent. So I guess this could be the first free track . Looking forward to it . i assume the much talked about first free track will be Paris and not Abu Dhabi as hinted as .
  5. daviddaz


    It’s a big disappointment that the multiplayer wasn’t a bit more extensive That what made Grid2 It had it’s own thing . Levelling up . Buying cars . Buying garage slots and having the system of clean racer and getting rated on how you played it . There was always something to aim for . Get a new car a new garage slot or just get that green badge .
  6. daviddaz


    For me there seems to be a big oversteer. It’s way too exaggerated. For the game it is it should be a bit more flowing. I tried adding more stability but it just spins out way too easy .
  7. daviddaz

    GRID on Standard PS4 at 30FPS?

    It’s 60fps on the Xbox x so I’d imagine it would be the same on the PS4 pro
  8. daviddaz

    Grid ultimate edition

    I wouldn’t take too much notice to some of the posts that have put on this forum regarding the quality of the game . Most haven’t even played it and are only making judgements on the game from watching YouTube videos . Most of the people that have actually played it ( YouTube creators ) are saying how good it is . But there’s nothing wrong in waiting to see how it’s received from the reviews when it actually gets released. The first time in years I put on Grid 2 last night . I forgot how much fun it is . So I’m looking forward to getting back to that fun .
  9. daviddaz

    Daily events

    Will there be daily , weekly and monthly events like in other Codemasters games .
  10. daviddaz

    Grid ultimate edition

    I do understand what your saying now . i can’t see there’s anything extra for pre ordering either edition of the game . Yes in a lot of games like this there would be something like a free car for preordering before the release date . Not by the looks of it on digital anyhow . Only advantage I see for pre ordering this it will be downloaded and ready to go .
  11. daviddaz

    Grid ultimate edition

    What is included in the 1-3 seasons in the ultimate edition of Grid .