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  1. Hi, unfortunately GAS won't run in triple screen any more, and not in full screen at all. My system: pc, Windows 10 latest Nvidia all latest updates. Using Simucube direct drive wheel, Heussinkveld Ultimate pedals. Always worked perfectly. See enclosed the latest error report. Please help. gridautosport_avx_1031840_crash_2020_3_29T16_8_5C0.mdmp
  2. breeker

    GRID Wheel Support – All the Details You Need

    Great that Codemasters is aiming to support a large number of wheels. Have you thought about Simucube users such as me? I did find decent settings for Grid Autosport (https://community.granitedevices.com/t/grid-autosport-with-sc1-and-sc2/2960/3 - HardWin’s posts). Would be great if this could be finetuned and tested with the new Grid game (a long time fan, this game series deserves it!). Same goes for true triple screen support, would add a lot of immersion.
  3. breeker

    SIMUCUBE software users

    For Grid Autosport found some decent settings: https://community.granitedevices.com/t/grid-autosport-with-sc1-and-sc2/2960 Nevertheless it’s clear that the Codemasters should support Simucube out if the box (and maybe refine the FFB).