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  1. jzhyc5

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    i’ll give rr3 a look at the w/e if i get chance, as long as i don’t have to put any money in the slot! (which is why i played this in the first place...
  2. jzhyc5

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    unusually I decide to give a sprint duel a shot (i usually bail if it’s not a qually duel), All it did was reinforce my decision to stick with qualifying only duels. Opponent was some waste of space called Moreira, pushed me into the wall immediately after the duel started (montreal circuit). i passed him again at turn 2 after he’d made a mess of ramming an npc off, he then just smashed me into the barrier. From that i get a DNF, loss of points and .4 off my safety rating! How is it that the devs ‘need’ evidence of this behaviour, all they need to do is play the bl***y game and they’d know how frustrating it is! Anyway, qual only might not be as ‘challenging’ as the other duels but at least I only have to contend with stupid sticky grass, invisible brick walls and ghost cars which appear to suffer from none of the afore mentioned game ‘improvements’! Happy racing! (in game: qualonlyduels)