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  1. jzhyc5

    Game stuck on loading screen

    Resurrecting this thread, as of the last update (15/12/19) the game no longer loads on my ipad. I get the splash screen and the cm logo, then just the spinning wheel in the top right corner...
  2. jzhyc5

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    i’ll give rr3 a look at the w/e if i get chance, as long as i don’t have to put any money in the slot! (which is why i played this in the first place...
  3. jzhyc5

    Improving Top Issues - Duels

    unusually I decide to give a sprint duel a shot (i usually bail if it’s not a qually duel), All it did was reinforce my decision to stick with qualifying only duels. Opponent was some waste of space called Moreira, pushed me into the wall immediately after the duel started (montreal circuit). i passed him again at turn 2 after he’d made a mess of ramming an npc off, he then just smashed me into the barrier. From that i get a DNF, loss of points and .4 off my safety rating! How is it that the devs ‘need’ evidence of this behaviour, all they need to do is play the bl***y game and they’d know how frustrating it is! Anyway, qual only might not be as ‘challenging’ as the other duels but at least I only have to contend with stupid sticky grass, invisible brick walls and ghost cars which appear to suffer from none of the afore mentioned game ‘improvements’! Happy racing! (in game: qualonlyduels)
  4. jzhyc5

    Suzuka 52510 Silver...***

    Do you need a pass? I select the Ipmrove button and it opens the event for 62 hours or so. Retries are limited to 2 before CM start demanding the return of credits.
  5. jzhyc5

    Suzuka 52510 Silver...***

    up to 58212 now, still waiting for it to timeout to see if i’ve popped gold...
  6. Something weird here 52k points and get silver at Suzuka, can someone confirm gold with lower score in Japan please? tia qualonlyduels
  7. jzhyc5


    Give us a qualifying only duel option, the only way to nerf the cheats. if CM can’t sort the ramming and side swiping out in code, then give us the means to avoid them....
  8. jzhyc5

    Bad driving

    If CM are unable to resolve the awful AI issues I wish they would at least stop the blatant cheating. If they are unable to stop it, how about a button to select qualifying only duals, that would sort it dor me....
  9. Given the way that the ‘AI’ appears less intelligent than ever since the last update, coupled with so many cheats in the game I request codemasters put in a qualifying only option for duals. The ads appear ever mote intrusive which hurts all the more when getting rammed off the circuit by npc’s. It only adds insult to injury when opponent cars disappear and meander their own way around the circuit. The qualifying dual is the only way to get a decent challenge when competing against over powered pay to. play opponents and npc’s that behave as if they’re in bumper cars, also add the damaged ‘safety rating’ when being rammed by the sociopathic automated opponents. Would I prefer the game to operate on a qualifying only mode? No but I don’t see a choice for non paying players who can no longer match car performance with those emptying their pockets in to the gane and trying to compete with the dumb AI. Its either qually only for me or delete, which would be a shame as the game had so much promise. Now I get the feeling I just can’t be bothered. I don’t want to rant about the ridiculous charge for retry nonsense, just another way to lever cash out of your pocket. The idea that ‘it’s more like real life when there’s a chargeable retry option’ has any credence at all is a nonsense or are codemasters suggest we wait until next year to compete again in the GP we’ve just crashed out of...just as in real life? What a crass argument, it’s a gane for lords sake! Here’s hoping for some sensible adjustments find their way in to the next update or it’s goodbye f1 mobile for me...