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  1. June 17th. Still playing Dirt Rally 1 with friends as Dirt Rally 2 does not support spectator mode without jumping through hoops. CodeMasters, please add this.
  2. Same here. We do hot seat racing all the time. This would be really nice to have for the spectators. +1 on "please implement"
  3. Artago

    VR FAQ & Performance

    I can wait 5 days. My hope is that it fixes this issue and I can FINALLY play this game.
  4. Artago

    VR FAQ & Performance

    I lasted about 30 seconds and then felt like vomiting. The stuttering is terrible. Makes it unplayable. Steam wont refund the purchase because I was stupid and bought it before VR support came out. I asked CodeMasters for an Oculus key but they don't seem to care because they just linked me to this forum.