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  1. Ziltoid Racer

    Suggestions for Patch 1.17 (XBox1, PS4, PC)

    no the title is clickbait, only when opened do you ask the question.
  2. Ziltoid Racer

    Xbox one telemetry setting

    i run 2 android phones when i play/stream. 1st one is gorilla taped to my TS-PC Racer rim, on the removable plate and one fitted to the base of the wheel contained in a holder from BBJ Simracing, which i have velcroed to the base for easy removal when not needed. phone on wheel runs Touch Portal and phone on base runs Sim Dashboard. the usb cable in the phone on base connects it to my laptop so i can show viewers on stream. this is the dashboard i use with F1 2019
  3. Ziltoid Racer

    Xbox one telemetry setting

    nice wheel 🙂 i don't know if this is why but i use a drivehub to use my TS-PC Racer wheel on my XB1/PS4 and the drivehub has a set of leds but they only work on PS4 not on XB1. i know they say the Xbox api is restricted compared to PS4 api.
  4. Ziltoid Racer

    F1 2019 UDP Specification

    This is from the developer of Sim Dashboard that i use
  5. At what time of day on a sunday does this start? Am UK on Xbox one looking to join my 1st ever league.
  6. Ziltoid Racer

    Pad vs wheel car setup

    you could get the T150 pro that has the t3pa 3 pedal set, i have the pro and used it for 18 months on GT Sport until i upgraded my whole setup 3 months ago. i loved it, the ffb was good and the wheel is fun to use. i bought mine secondhand too.
  7. Hi all, i have a Thrustmaster TS-PC Racer that i use on Xbox one with a Drivehub. After getting F1 2019 i soon noticed something was wrong with some buttons being duplicates, at first i thought it maybe something to do with the Drivehub so contacted their support as they are always willing to help if they can but in this instance they cannot do anything. So i would say this could be why Codemasters cannot do anything too? If this is the case why can they not come out and say this so all our efforts can be directed to where the problem is. ie: Microsoft / Xbox.
  8. Ziltoid Racer

    Wheel issues

    how high are your ffb settings, with my T150 if i was on a track with many turns and high ffb it would cut out (overheat), lowering ffb settings and circulating air helped.
  9. i use a TS-PC Racer with drivehub on xbox one and ps4, i have buttons that are redundant/a dupe of another button when using it on xbox one, i have spoke to the drivehub ppl and they say it's a xbox api problem. They are investigating to see if they can help me.
  10. Ziltoid Racer

    My simhub dash design download:UPDATE 16-8-2019

    any chance of a new download? thanks