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  1. Skistad

    Scientific TYRE Choices for Greece. Why soft?

    I totally agree. It should have been more of a challenge sometimes, not just competition, but tires, setup, and suddenly more stages between service, just mix it up a little! 😛
  2. Skistad

    Scientific TYRE Choices for Greece. Why soft?

    Wow! Not even in the same divison you and med 😄 Me beeing a Lada and you a Ferrari. Hehe
  3. Actually, I'm in the process of jumping. Waiting for black Friday and some good deals. Rather pc than ps5. Is there UDP for everything? I mean including newest releases?
  4. No hard feelings 😊. It's just that the Sony Corp has limited options for, well anything. And my tests is of course just some basic, not exact, and incomplete surveys. Just thought it would be fun, but now after doing it, I see hundreds of similar and more accurate tests. So, waste of time, but it wasn't BS. I did them in a somewhat serious way. And I want continue if someone doesn't want me to 😁
  5. Skistad

    Scientific TYRE Choices for Greece. Why soft?

    In my experience they all blow up if you hit the sweetspot. Would be fun though to drive on one set of tyres for an unreal set of kilometers just to see if they blow up by itself..
  6. "This is my tests, there are many like it but this one is mine." Of course I've should have done it a dozens of times. But I didn't. More then enough for myself and hopefully someone else to decide on which Tyre to choose. I'm not top anything, but still pretty good. Sad to see I have to defend myself because ONE person dislikes these mini tests I put some time and effort into. And sorry for any misspelled words I might have written. And by the way, where do I find this awsome app of yours in the PS store? 😉
  7. Skistad

    Scientific TYRE Choices for Greece. Why soft?

    Absolutely! But sadly, I’m going to work all weekend starting tomorrow morning, so no more fun for me in a while, including beer
  8. Skistad

    Scientific TYRE Choices for Greece. Why soft?

    Well, since this is only my opinion, and maybe I should have done the test two times. So it's not an extremely accurate test. But if someone took an hour and did the exact same test and can confirm/unconfirme my findings would have been awsome 👌
  9. Skistad

    Scientific TYRE Choices for Greece. Why soft?

    There is little to none info about how the tire dynamics work in the game as far as i know. I was surprised as well. My money was actually on Hard
  10. Greece! I i must be a good guy doing this s*** so hope some find it useful 😂
  11. A not Scientific test of different tire compounds in Dirt Rally 2.0 Greece I have for some time wondered what my tire choices would do on my overall time. This is especially important in custom events and Clubs. Some have 4-6 stages before Service. So, I’ve done a little test on five stages in Greece using tires in this order: Soft/Medium/Hard. Car Citroën c4 in the 2000`s class. Stages The stages I choose was completely random but in a different way than Australia. Instead of 2 long and 2 short I made it with 1 long and 4 short stages · Stage 1: Perasma Platani – 10,69km · Stage 2: Pedines Epidaxi – 5,38km · Stage 3: Ypsona tou Dasos – 6,59km · Stage 4: Ampelonas Ormi – 4,50km · Stage 5: Abies Koiláda -7,09km A total of 34,25km with no tire change and no service on the car How Since its too early in the day for compensating like I did on the Australia test I made my driving style into “No Crashing” had to drive so safe on each tire compound that there would be no damage to the car, still as fast as possible but with zero change of damage. The stage times are included on each tire Results Soft The soft tires work quite brilliant from start to finish. I felt a change in grip after stage 1. Stage 2 and 3 were somewhat different but still great grip. Stage 4 and 5 the tires were worn, but I still felt I had control over the car and no significant change in the two last stages. But it required earlier breaking and it was overall more slippery and hard to take hairpins. Fun fact: The rattle noise from things hitting the wheel arch disappeared when tires were worn. · Stage 1: 06.38 · Stage 2: 04.15 · Stage 3: 03.33 · Stage 4: 03.33 WORN · Stage 5: 04.33 WORN · Event : 22.34 Medium The Medium tires is always safe to use. That includes Greece. Felt a slight change after the first stage but had a good and consistent grip for the rest of the event · Stage 1: 07.02 · Stage 2: 04.23 · Stage 3: 03.39 · Stage 4: 03.38 · Stage 5: 04.33 · Event : 23.13 Hard The hard tire compound gave me a loose grip in every stage. And this being the third time in this event in a short period of time I should have driven a bit faster but pushing more than I did would result in damage to the car and a dnf. · Stage 1: 07.00 · Stage 2: 04.21 · Stage 3: 03.41 · Stage 4: 03.36 · Stage 5: 04.33 · Event : 23.12 Conclusion Times on each event is somewhat irrelevant since this is more a test on how I felt the car behaved on each tire compound, even though it gives you a clue on your choice. The clear winner is SOFT. Even after it was worn it was better than hard. Little tricky after the tires were “done” but I still sat solid times compared to medium/hard The last thing I have noticed is that the state of the tires does not change mid stage, always in between stages.
  12. Maybe i´ll give greece a go. Same type of test. 4 stages, 2long 2 short
  13. I´ll add that 🙂 Im talking about gravel. Soft or medium when just one wet stage on a tarmac event usualy ends in the ditch 😄
  14. Well i agree, but the soft tire does not mean a faster stage time, i think many use soft on for example Daily Challanges but the difference is for me anyways, minimal, and on a medium/high surface degradation I fell it as more of a disadvantage actually. No degradtion or wet, soft i ideal. This may not apply for everyone obviosly so i suggest doing a quick a test on a couple of stages not so familiar with soft and medium compound.