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    fanatec v3 pedals vibration supported?

    Honestly this gets my blood boiling. The only reason why I even bought F1 2019 was when I heard my thumb rotaries for my formula v2 finally works. Good job on that. But at the same time they also took out my brake rumble out of my v3's and can only be used when ABS is on and Throttle rumble when TCS is on. Devs here seem to like to take 1 step forward and 2 steps back. Leave it so rumble pack kicks in when wheels are locking and throttle to rumble when wheels are spinning, not the other way around. Come on CM!
  2. As the title suggests, it was better in f1 2018 when my v3's brake pedal were rumbling to the threshold of where I set the pressure. Please don't limit the rumble features by having TCS and ABS on because most of us don't race with it on! Ideally, I would like to see the brake pedal to rumble during wheel lock and throttle to rumble during wheel spin.