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  1. The drive through will not be served if the race has not proceeded back to green flag conditions. You can’t just follow the safety car in. Remember after the SC leaves, the lead car becomes the safety car. The lead car needs to pass the control line to make the track green/for racing to resume. Only then can you serve it
  2. Stupidly, its actually by design. it even smokes when its only the electronic control unit. its stupid as hell.
  3. I’m not really sure how to provide any further detail than others have presented, but our league is experiencing persistent desync issues so for now we are going to suspend it in our league Races until it is addressed.
  4. I am curious is cheaters can get banned. There is someone who joined my league who is suspect and has a “vac ban” on record. I need to see if there is a way to interrogate it, if he was banned from an earlier title.
  5. Sorry -- Do we need to fix the top post for this to be marked as with developers?
  6. The AI chnges my wing for lime green. That never happened in 2020. I don’t even have a missing end plate and the ai replaces it. The game this year is an absolute handful.
  7. I’m still going and doing full length GP with an engine at 80%. If codemasters doesn’t want that to be a possibility then don’t. No team in their right mind would run a car smoking so hard. It’s not even realistic because a lap later the engine would blow. But in this game I can just keep lapping.
  8. The worst part is the reemergence of bugs. Like how do you screw up and reintroduce bugs from 2019? The multiplayer browser is garbage. I love the new handling and damage model but this title is a step backwards for everything else.
  9. Not for nothing but advertising leagues has a forum for it.
  10. No I have it to ultraNo I have it to ultra
  11. Smoke should only appear if there is going to be an eminent engine failure. My ICE is at 80% And I started a race with my car belching smoke. That’s not realistic whatsoever and is silly.
  12. Before I raise it as a bug report, I wanted to see if anybody knew whether or not smoke is supposed to show up in the Sideview mirrors. I am having an engine failure during a practice and there is no smoke in the Sideview mirror so when I looked behind me smoke is belching from my car
  13. Hey am I going crazy? In 2020 and 2019 you were able to see the results of your practice program. I wanted to see what my average lap times were but that doesn’t seem to work anymore. Am I going crazy or is that in a different screen?
  14. I have to imagine this use to do with the way the client is storing simulation values compared to other settings.
  15. They have to address this issue. It sounds kind of crazy but I’m not having fun playing the single player mode it’s because of this. If I have to keep forgetting to change the damage back on it’s like I’m not even motivated to play.
  16. The biggest complaint that I have about this game is the reemergence of bugs that were removed in prior titles. In addition things such as the safety car allowing vehicles to unlap themselves still is not in the game. This is a issue for long distance Races and the developers still have put in no time or effort into remediating
  17. I get brand names but a family name for the love of Pete sake
  18. Lol anyone see this FP objective? How the hell am I going to keep the tires below freezing?
  19. I am experiencing the same issue. My simulation Settings keep changing between game loads. A detailed description of the issue. Simulation settings are not being maintained within the game. Upon closing the game client and relaunching the game executable, the simulation settings have been reset and did not maintain the previous set values. Report Code GPVP-ESHP-PKET-SCVG Platform? PC Game-mode? MyTeam [PC ONLY] Please post your DXDiag, including the make and model of motherboard. N/A - not a game crash What troubleshooting have you tried? Please lis
  20. Does anybody have an issue where the simulation Settings aren’t being saved? Every time I come back to the save everything is reset back to the false even though I want everything on simulation
  21. I’m pretty sure this is because the durability upgrades did absolutely nothing in the earlier titles. You could literally put no point spend into to durability
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