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  1. MisterJesus

    In silverstone with the master LoL

    I personally love Nico. He is really kind and does make good videos.
  2. MisterJesus

    25% ranked is dead

    They could make the ranks independent. One rank for 5 lap, one for 25%. And change the ranked menu to show your rank in both similar to starcraft or rocket league. See attached. Can also have more xp.
  3. MisterJesus

    New engine supplier in second season MY TEAM

    Well Williams is in last place and runs a Mercedes so It’s not always down to engine, and red bull is constantly on podium with honda.
  4. MisterJesus

    F1 2020 Codemasters Anti Cheat Measures

    Why not benchmark known esports racers and YT celebrities. Times above theirs which are +1 second, and unknowns are unverifiable and on a Separate leaderboard
  5. Hi Codies, suggestion to lock progression, xp, and rank based on safety rating. D Safety Rating: cannot gain xp for multiplayer races, cannot progress rank beyond copper 1, cannot unlock pitcoin challenges. If demoted to D from C, your rank resets to copper 1. C Safety Rating: 50% xp. Cannot progress Past Silver 1. If demoted to C from B, your rank starts to decay. B Safety Rating: 100% xp. cannot progress past Gold 1. A Safety rating: 125% xp. S Safety Rating: 150% xp. Bonus to pitcoin bonuses
  6. MisterJesus

    Blue Flag Strictness?

    Hey Codies, I have another idea. Similar to how we can control corner cutting enforcement between regular and strict, perhaps blue flags can be a similar toggle. This can either be a standalone toggle, or additional options for “Rules and Flags”. The idea: where we can reduce the blue flags from 3 seconds following to 1 second gap, and even be able to disable time penalties for ignoring blue flags.
  7. MisterJesus

    Realism of the Tracks F1 2020

    I’m guessing they take some liberties for playability. Hanoi feels too narrow but I’m not sure if that’s my imagination or not
  8. MisterJesus

    AI level a no. Of laps

    I am guessing that It’s primarily down to driver performance ratings but I’m not at all sure how it works as I’m still figuring out the 2nd driver mechanic myself. I’m focusing on building a competitive car at the moment and then I Am going to focus on having a competitive 2nd driver, though I am sure others will have different meta-strategies. I think of it like... if Hamilton was in a williams, would it matter that much if the car is dog turd.
  9. MisterJesus

    AI level a no. Of laps

    It depends. Do you want a more realistic and measured difficulty or a casual one? I am currently at 100% @ 85 difficulty with simulation damage and zero assists. This isn’t typical however, you need to play to what gives you the most enjoyment. Do you prefer 25% distance, no damage, and regular track limits with no safety car? Go for it! Hate monaco? Adjust the difficulty to fit your track-specific skill. Btw for Monaco I run it at 55 difficulty with no damage and regular track limits. Typically, to judge where your car SHOULD finish, look at the cars performance compared against the other teams. What I means is, if your car is at the top(1st) of the performance index you should typically be finishing top four. If you’re at the bottom(11th) should typically be finishing bottom four. This strategy allows the upgrades and MyTeam mechanics to be more meaningful, otherwise if you’re dominating, it’s because your difficulty is set too low and if you’re constantly in 22nd, your difficulty is too high. It takes several races to tune the difficulty to an appropriate area. I would change difficulty by 5 points at a time until you’re comfortable.
  10. MisterJesus

    Car Setup Hotbar: Custom Favorites

    Essentially in the long run. Short term perhaps have the favorites bar be global. Like how the defaults are max downforce, more downforce, balanced, more speed, max speed, I invision a similar bar but for custom setups.
  11. MisterJesus

    Car Setup Hotbar: Custom Favorites

    Hi Codemasters, I had an idea. Many of us prefer running custom setups And because of this, we have to manually look through our lists and load out our setup. As a Quality of Life improvement, I recommend a preset bar for custom setups/favorites. A bar very similar to how the default setups are displayed HOWEVER, as an initial implementation I recommend the simplest of implementation, so that you may first see user behavior and determine whether further development and expansion is beneficial to the series, as time and resources cost money In future, depending on adoption, It may be an idea to define a setup as global, or track / car specific, wherein, that setup will appear in the hotbar only when that specific combination is detected.
  12. MisterJesus

    What is Broadcast Mix under Audio Options?

    Ah thank you! So essentially off = sounds like it would from the drivers seat and on = sound from how the tv broadcast cameras pickup the sound and broadcast it to your tv. When off, Does it sound like you are in the drivers seat even if you are in t cam or chase?
  13. MisterJesus

    What is Broadcast Mix under Audio Options?

    I still don’t quite understand sorry. Could you explain it like I’m 5? 😞
  14. MisterJesus

    Podium pass not working

    Considering the game is actually launching on the 10th I imagine by then, otherwise in time.