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  1. Title. Lapped cars are not prompted to overtake the safety car leading to vehicles to obtain a +1 lap advantage on lapped vehicles. Example: [SAFETY CAR] 1] HAM 2] VET 13] Player 3] VER 4] GRO Because the game does not allow position 13 to overtake, upon restart position 13 must yield to VER and GRO, breaking the race forcing player to be lapped although they were NEVER lapped under green flag conditions.
  2. Title says it all. Currently the game does not allow you to pass the safety car. Safety cars are scary because this issue can cause you to get lapped by force. It is race breaking...... many of us run 50/100% and a late sc can demolish an entire hour or two’s worth of race.
  3. MisterJesus

    (PC) Got stuck behind Safety Car

    Reading other threads apparently they are never going to fix this thing it’s been in existence for three years. It just completely butt raped my 100% that race. I was left by Hamilton got stuck behind Hamilton so I was in a theoretical second slot and even though I was in a competitive race all the sudden I was left by the entire field I was like 50 something laps in and it completely wasted the last hour and a half of my life. I don’t know how the hell they can allow some thing so game breaking to exist in the game still it’s remarkable
  4. MisterJesus

    Allow lapped cars to unlap during SC

    This issue completely ****** a 100% / 57 lap race for me. Holy ****.
  5. MisterJesus

    Weichai isn’t Ferraris sponsor anymore + Wings

    Wasnt weichai a fake sponsor to replace misson winnow? Which was tobacco?
  6. As the track is already in the game, what is the technical feasibility of enabling the outer circuit as potentially a paid DLC?
  7. MisterJesus

    S rating Ranked USELESS

    Honestly everyone should race with everyone. Penalize **** drivers with mandatory queue times and xp penalties. Similar to Low Priority queues in other gsmrs
  8. MisterJesus

    In silverstone with the master LoL

    I personally love Nico. He is really kind and does make good videos.
  9. MisterJesus

    25% ranked is dead

    They could make the ranks independent. One rank for 5 lap, one for 25%. And change the ranked menu to show your rank in both similar to starcraft or rocket league. See attached. Can also have more xp.
  10. MisterJesus

    New engine supplier in second season MY TEAM

    Well Williams is in last place and runs a Mercedes so It’s not always down to engine, and red bull is constantly on podium with honda.
  11. MisterJesus

    F1 2020 Codemasters Anti Cheat Measures

    Why not benchmark known esports racers and YT celebrities. Times above theirs which are +1 second, and unknowns are unverifiable and on a Separate leaderboard
  12. Hi Codies, suggestion to lock progression, xp, and rank based on safety rating. D Safety Rating: cannot gain xp for multiplayer races, cannot progress rank beyond copper 1, cannot unlock pitcoin challenges. If demoted to D from C, your rank resets to copper 1. C Safety Rating: 50% xp. Cannot progress Past Silver 1. If demoted to C from B, your rank starts to decay. B Safety Rating: 100% xp. cannot progress past Gold 1. A Safety rating: 125% xp. S Safety Rating: 150% xp. Bonus to pitcoin bonuses
  13. MisterJesus

    Blue Flag Strictness?

    Hey Codies, I have another idea. Similar to how we can control corner cutting enforcement between regular and strict, perhaps blue flags can be a similar toggle. This can either be a standalone toggle, or additional options for “Rules and Flags”. The idea: where we can reduce the blue flags from 3 seconds following to 1 second gap, and even be able to disable time penalties for ignoring blue flags.
  14. MisterJesus

    Realism of the Tracks F1 2020

    I’m guessing they take some liberties for playability. Hanoi feels too narrow but I’m not sure if that’s my imagination or not
  15. MisterJesus

    AI level a no. Of laps

    I am guessing that It’s primarily down to driver performance ratings but I’m not at all sure how it works as I’m still figuring out the 2nd driver mechanic myself. I’m focusing on building a competitive car at the moment and then I Am going to focus on having a competitive 2nd driver, though I am sure others will have different meta-strategies. I think of it like... if Hamilton was in a williams, would it matter that much if the car is dog turd.