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  1. @ChrisGrovesMCM what about new Trophies/Achievements?
  2. unfortunately only Xbox and PC players can test it..
  3. it should be count correctly on PS4, trophy was unlocked on 30th October and 3rd November. 🙂 (psnprofiles)
  4. The hardest/longest Trophy in GTS (Level 50) was glitched a long time to get it easy and quick.. Here you‘ll have to drive ~ a month, if you grind very much, every day. (like @Michael989A posted before) So we will have to wait a little longer, until we „know“ if it’s bugged. I still hope it’s not, but your right, the last Codemaster games had bugged trophies 😐
  5. 40.000km.. I don’t think it’s bugged..it takes just a lot of time.. even if you grind it daily. Any One or PC players around here? They should see if the Achievement counter gets up..
  6. which car do you use for this?
  7. m1ke82

    Around the Globe trophy

    oh boy, what a trophy.. Codemasters are you serious? I know this should be a long term trophy, but 40.000km??? and for PS4 players no progress indicator or something. I hope it will be added with a further update...
  8. @Hoo I‘m silver rank 28 and also with patch 1.12 I didn‘t get the Level 50 Trophy :( Will I have to do a race or anything else?