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  1. Hi! For me, just 7 things could improve the game a lot: 1) Tyre selection after you have the weather prediction, in the prerace. In 18’ and 19’, you cannot choose in wisely terms, if there is gonna be Rain or it’s a really sunny weekend, or if the race is gonna be like the German GP and try to get more softs compounds for the end. You are blind until Practice 1. Also being able to do a personal selection, not just default, or at least have some more options. 2) Simulator option before a Race. Just really a basic design, really not much options, but with weather conditions being set by the player and not being as precise as a race. Just for trying a little bit tyre, weather and defaults car setups, as a lot of drivers do before. 3) Red flags are necessary, for really wet conditions, bad accidents or just they do in qualys. And Safety needs to be a little bit better, at least in ‘18 appeared without any reason. 4) AI accidents and fails. They are really good at any condition, not risky, and just being a little more risk, they could do different strategies. I was doing Russia and the safety was in lap11, and there was a random Safety. I got in, put the Softer compound (it was clear but we started in Inters), and I go to the end with them (16 laps). All the IA stopped on Lap14 (SC was leaving that lap), put the Mediums and I got a 3rd with a Williams. No one risked, and I want them to risk sometimes, as I said, like in the German GP. 5) Random mechanic failures, but just in not a exceed. But you could finish every race without Durability Upgrades, if you don’t reach that 85-90 % window. 6) Season tires changes, have them switch from one to a harder or a softer in the selection, just for changing a little bit the monotony of seasons, as we have in real life. 7) Some random regulation which makes the cars go back to 0. That would be cool to happen in some point, a random regulation in which you go back to a not-upgraded car, and being a new window for the next season, so you can improve the actual car or the new one. More parts, or maybe a more complex I+D system would be cool.