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  1. GordensHigh

    The Game Thread!

    I recently tried VR with a friend of mine. I was stunned by how cool it is. I felt like I was in the game myself, and after the game for a very long time I could not understand that I was no longer playing. I got so interested in VR that I started to get interested in It. It turns out that thanks to vr development services, creating a VR game is not so difficult. Therefore, most games on VR are made by indie developers.
  2. GordensHigh

    What was your last purchase

    DEWALT DW745. This is a table saw that makes it easier for me to work with wood. I decided to buy this saw here because I like to make various homemade wood. It's very exciting.
  3. GordensHigh

    Latest Movie/Tv show you watched

    Harry Potter
  4. GordensHigh

    Travelling Thread...

    I would like to hear your ideas where to fly next year? This year I was in Japan, it was incredibly beautiful. I was also in Kenya after DiRT. I was a little upset. It wasn't what I expected.