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  1. Dune861

    New update

    I meant the second update, the one that was introduced after the „feedback” from the players. I still hate the new assists.
  2. Dune861

    New update

    This update doesn’t change a thing for me.
  3. Dune861

    New update

    Vitallur, I dissagree. They could easily eliminate lawnmowers with more strict track limits with time/speed penalties for leaving the track. Those penalties are uneven between circuits: e.g. going to the grass at Suzuka or Interlagos results in an almost immediate stop and going off track in the exit of Stowe at Silverstone or cutting the harpin at Hockenheim goes without any penalty. Not mentioning going straight in the Monaco chicane after the tunnel (I tested it, you can still do that after the update, there is no invisible wall like in Monza chicanes). There is a time penalty but it is still a gain compared to keeping track limits, especially if you want to overtake. This has nothing to do with assists. I race within track limits and there are lots of corners that I can easily do without or with minimal braking and now I have to choose: losing time because of braking assist or losing time because of lack of stability assist.
  4. Dune861

    New update

    I agree, the game is ruined for me because of redesigining assists. Putting braking and stability assist in one setting is a misunderstanding. I cannot race the way I like with a stability assist on and braking assist off. I can either use the Novice setting which gives me the stability but makes the car brake in ridiculous places or use the Professional and have no braking and no stability assists. Both settings make me slower than before the update. I completely don’t understand this change. I lost interest in playing this game because of those changes.
  5. Dune861

    Big update?

    Worked for me too, even before upgrading to iOS 13.3. Thanks!
  6. Dune861

    Big update?

    I reinstalled the game, it worked for a while and then it stopped loading again. In the meantime I lost all my best times, apparently they are not stored in game center with other data.
  7. Dune861

    Big update?

    New update today. The game does not launch, and if it sometimes launches events are not available.
  8. Hi, I’m wondering if someone is able to tell how exactly the points in events are being calculated. Obviously the faster the better, but I can’t understand differences between events, e.g. why in some events where I finish P1 in quali and P1 in the race I receive 25k and in other 50k. Is there any simple formula connected with lap/race time or some other factors are being considered?
  9. Dune861

    Codemasters strike back!

    I practiced quali in Mexico in single mode, after a few tries I clocked 1:08. Then I entered the event and with a very similar lap I had 1:11. I understand that there may have been some differences between those laps, up to 1s but not 3....
  10. Dune861

    Invisible Walls

    This is very annoying in Monza in the second chicane. Even quite small cut results in hitting an invisible wall. On the other hand there is no such thing in Monaco (chicane after the tunnel) - here you can drive straight with only a time penalty and still gain, especially if it gives a chance to overtake.
  11. Dune861

    can’t race

    no wonder they banned you if you keep posting the same post in every thread... There is a new update, it looks that they fixed this problem.
  12. Dune861

    Braking assist

    There is only one tip: stop using brake and acceleration assist. It’s hard at the beginning but after some practice it’s easier 🙂
  13. Dune861

    can’t race

    That explanation is bs. Suddenly 3 iPhones that I and my wife have don’t have enough RAM? Previously the game crashed sometimes after playing for a long time so that may have been the reason, but in this case it happens all the time, after turning the game on after a break, after fresh install or after rebooting the device.
  14. Dune861

    can’t race

    Update to 13.1.2 - no change 😞
  15. Dune861

    can’t race

    I have the same issue, see my topic in technical assistance forum. It’s the same with events and single race with grid start and sprint start. I missed Singapore race because of that and I can’t race in Sochi.