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  1. redrook

    Pure sim

    +1 for more camera adjustment, not just in cockpit, but in all camera modes. Project Cars does this really well. Also +1 for improved calls. I agree he is very soft spoken and doesn't penetrate my concentration as well as the DR1 guy did. That's a me problem but glad I'm not the only one. My big issue tho is the inaccuracy of some calls, and the poor timing (read timing, not earlier/later, I mean no matter how early you set calls, some he says when you're basically at the corner). There are also numerous corners which are called, for example, a 4 and it's definitely a 2 (the infamous one at the end of the stage in Greece is still not fixed with the remade calls in DR2). I will say that the ability to mute his chat at the end of the race is a godsend, thank you codies for listening to that demand.
  2. redrook

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    I did check, I've read the whole thing, and I didn't say you hadn't said that...so, that's a non sequitur. I didn't seem to be saying anything or making any sweeping statements. You chose that interpretation in order to argue. It's not "worse", the point was that you can't pick and choose what's "realistic" if you're going to use "realism" as an argument for/against something. So yes, you were essentially being hypocritical. On the one hand you're using realism as an argument, while on the other you're saying you don't want realism. That's not hard to parse Some people derail threads by baiting others, telling them what they should care about, and generally being condescending. Some people feel entitled to this game (and other sim games) and to tell others what to do/think based on what they think the game is/should be. I don't think they are entitled to that. Let's not turn this into other certain forums which shall remain nameless. Yes, there are ongoing AI issues as evidenced by very recent posts, let's just leave it at that.
  3. redrook

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    They don't appear to be affected by weather, the dark, road conditions or anything else really either... I mean, look at some of the screenshots, it's nuts. Seems that if you're not putting up top 10 in the world times you're not getting past Elite level. I'm going to keep working at it and improve, but I'll never be putting up the times I would need to to progress in career beyond this level. The art of creating a truly solid game is to make things only just within (or perhaps just outwith) reach, but to need to be one of the best in the world to progress, well, meh, seems pointless. I was placing top 3 in Masters in DR1, so I can see the need for a little more challenge for better players, but to this extent is just a bit silly.
  4. redrook

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    Lol what complete bunk. For a start, we're not talking about a few seconds here and there as drivers react to a bit more pressure. Secondly that is actually not how racing drivers react in real life - but that's irrelevant as you go on to say that you don't want a real-life experience, so which is it? And thirdly, this is not how the game works as the Devs have just called you out for being wrong - I suggest you stop being an apologist for what appears to be poor game design by making things up Who cares really? Well, there's a whole thread about it so... Just because you don't care doesn't mean other people are wrong. Half the time people use the "it's realistic" excuse for some things, then other times say you don't want a realistic experience. You can't have realism a la carte for the same reason you can't tell other people what to care about.
  5. redrook

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    Poland is an anomaly, the speeds you're expected to maintain in order to do well can't even keep up with the draw distance of the game - especially on the ps4. It's not just you. The trick is to just know the track very, very well to the point where you know what's coming up.
  6. redrook

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    I disagree with literally every sentence of this post for reasons which have already been covered in this thread. If you were right the differences would be far more incremental, but they are not. The difference between open and clubman etc. is that that is how real rally driving is essentially formatted. Not with those monikers, but the implication is that you're working your way up to pro/top level. You know, the format of just about every sports game with a career. If DR2 is going to buck the trend of every game ever then it should be at least clear about that format, which it is not. This is all a distraction however, because you've also missed the point of this thread completely, which has been pointed out numerous times, that the AI is completely inconsistent and unaffected by elements which affect the player. That is not deliberate for the sake of challenge, that is bad game design. For a game which is supposed to be realistic, this is pretty awful.
  7. redrook

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    You're clearly not, having reached that level, which is much harder than Masters level in DR1, the minority of bullies on here have just convinced you that you're bad.
  8. redrook

    AI Times Are Completely Off

    Glad to read similar thoughts to mine, shame they still haven't patched it to make the game fun for anyone other than the aggressive bullying gatekeepers who frequent these forums, and shout down anyone who dares to want to have any fun or not be in the top 50 in the world. I was getting top 3 places at Master level in DR1, so I would say I'm better than the average player, but in this game I'm putting down the most solid run I can and getting anywhere from 12th to 20th. Sure, a big part of it is that there are too many AI opponents, so just a second or two drops you loads of spots (which wasn't an issue in DR1), however, the times that the winning AI cars are doing are almost as good as the best runs on the leaderboards. Congratulations to the aforementioned bullies, Codemasters listened to the tiny minority of players and made a game just for them.