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  1. Pullblox

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    Thx. Yesterday I complete calibration. When I do calibrate my fault was binding "handbrake" on button "B".
  2. Pullblox

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    How you calibrate your wheel? My TX work well in game, but I do calibrate wheel I see warning massage what my wheel not calibrate.
  3. Pullblox

    FFB - thoughts and impressions

    You play on thrustmaster tx?
  4. Pullblox


    Any body play new GRID on xbox one x and thrustmaster tx? I don't calibrate my wheel. In control options always indicate warnings massage about my wheel not calibrate. Ffb in this game very weak in comparison DIRT 2.O.
  5. Pullblox

    GRID Wheel Support

    I don't calibrate thrustmaster tx on xbox one x.