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  1. DasATomeiDaah

    PC : SLR F1

    Hey! We are a Sundays, 18:00 CET PC F1 2019 league, and we are looking for you to join! We have highlight and hotlap videos on youtube, and also a Twitch where all races will be streamed live. We also do some comedy skits on our youtube channel from time to time. Discord:https://discord.gg/BEDjWZC
  2. DasATomeiDaah

    Internet Connectivity Issues

    It was removed.
  3. DasATomeiDaah

    Internet Connectivity Issues

    I recently started having issues with the game disconnecting me from online sessions, which didn't happen before, I started lagging, and I started experiencing the Mirating Host glitch. This really sucks and ruined my weekend, as I wasn't able to play in any of my leagues. Wonderful.
  4. WE are a new league that just had it's first race. We still have 12 open spots. We believe and enforce clean but fun racing. We race at 6 PM CET on Sundays, All assists allowed. 50% race distance and 18 minutes quali. Join our discord to join today! We look forward to seeing you there! Discord: https://discord.gg/7xR2wX6