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  1. Hello Chris, With the new 1.1 patch, I retested and they all work properly now. Thanks
  2. Driver version: Profiler Version: 5.10.127 For all the devices. Out of the devices, 1 G25 works, 1 G27 works, and 2 G27s do not work properly (180 degrees is detected as max by GRID, but the controller is set to 450).
  3. Hello Chris, I hooked up another G27 to my main computer and it was able to calibrate to the 450 degrees of rotation. I then used the save files to overwrite the ones on the 3 computers it didnt work on and that worked for those. Very odd why it didnt work on the other computers..
  4. if it were set at 180, then you would see the icon max out at 90 when the wheel is at 90, you can see it rotates 2x fully to the left before it goes from 0 to 90. That is just the way it shows it in that driver. TRUST ME it is 900
  5. Do you guys need me to record this not working? Or can you just fix the issue in a patch?
  6. I tried that on all computers. It did not change anything. Does not see anything past 180. Again, g25s do not have this issue. Only g27
  7. Xenos911

    GRID hotfix now live - 21/10/2019

    It feels like they have to finish the game. I love the handling model, graphics, etc.. but geez, there are no tracks or other game types (drifting, etc). Feels like half done compared to any other grid games.
  8. I have uploaded a video of the issue to youtube (your thing only allows 48mb). The first part shows that the 900 degrees of rotation is seen by the logitech profiler to verify the degrees of rotation. Then, in Grid, I showed that it displays a G27 properly. Then, I calibrated the device, where you can see it max out at around 90 degrees, even thought the wheel keeps turning. Then, calibrated the 90 degree which also maxed out the calibration. After this, I showed that it was 'calibrated' to 180 degrees of rotation. You can also see this at the verification step after the calibration where 90 degrees was maxed out. When this is done with the G25, it identifies as a G25, and the degrees of rotation match the logitech profiler.
  9. Also, if you don't believe this is an issue with your software, please let me know how to manually change the calibration settings on the wheel (90 degree and full rotation setting) so that I can manually enter in the data from the g25s onto the g27. I found the save files, but when I open them I only see characters. I tried modifying the device.xml files so the g27 would be seen as a g25, but it caused a crash at the start. Also there were no settings in device mapping xml files
  10. This is my setup to show that I actually have all this stuff. Also I have around 20 games running on each one and am very familiar with the logitech wheels.
  11. Hello Chris, It recognizes the wheels as G27s on all the computers within grid and the latest logitech drivers / profiler is installed. When swapped out for G25, it works great and identifies as G25, but all 4 G27s I own tested on 4 different computers had this issue. I really think it is a bug. With the G25, when calibrating, it is able to detect the entirity of the turn 'to the maximum' and that degrees of wheel rotation matches the logitech profiler. With the G27, it only detects up to 180 degrees, then says it has 180 degrees of wheel rotation in Grid, but in profiler (and in every other racing game it detects the full range).
  12. Thanks for your help, but I am familiar with hardcoding the sequence. I have verified that it has 540 DOF in 2 other games. Also it is like this for all 3 G27s. I had an extra G25 and that one worked perfect when swapped with the G27, so I am very sure it is a bug for the G27.
  13. Hello, I have 4 computers for racing, with both g25 and g27s. I have tried the game on both with the same issue. Under 'advanced' tab for controllers, the "Calibrated Steering Wheel Rotation" Is locked at 180. This only gives 90 degrees on either side and feels like playing on an xbox controller. Basically, when calibrating, it doesn't see anything past 90 degrees left and right, so when I go the 540 degrees my g27 is set to, it only registers the first quarter when I hit enter, it asks to go 90 degrees, which is already maxing it out as well. Then when in settings, it says my wheel is 180 degrees of rotation. *EDIT* G25 seems to be working great, but reproduced issue on 3x G27s
  14. Hello Codemasters, I have racing setups with both G27 and G25s. Both controllers are locked at 180 degrees of rotation! "Calibrating" them does not fix the issue. Under advanced options, the adjustment for Degrees of Rotation is greyed out and locked at 180. It is awful playing with 90 degrees on either side for turning. For the time being, if you could let me know how to manually adjust the settings files for this? *Edit* The game does not detect wheel directional rotation with the G27, but it does with the G25. Verified with 3x G27s