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  1. azrademon

    Fix the notes!

    Notes are a complete mess on some tracks. Out of pace, even too early or too late. Some "tightens" calls come too late, after a pause. Is that hard to chain 2 or 3 notes the right way? In spanish "izquierda 4 ojo se cierra 2". Co driver says "izquierda 4 (pausa) se cierra". Why??????? If you know the track, is not that issue, but when you not... is a complete desaster. Fix that, please. And racenet on sundays. Theres a lot of people whose only free days are sundays, but racenet doesn´t want to play with us. Thanks.
  2. Unfortunately, is like the 4th time I´ve experienced a disconnection from racenet and steam during an event on Dirt Rally 2.0. Appearing as "Retired" with the respective penalty. This ruins everything. One simply can't enjoy the game experience at all with that kind of severe issues.