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  1. Hello, As far as I could find an answer on the internet/forum it should be possible to have a keyboard input on the PS4 within DiRT Rally 2. I have a keyboard connected and working with the PS4, but it doesn't show as a connected device within DiRT Rally 2. Should I be able to work with the keyboard input on a PS4? If this is not yet possible, could this be implemented in an update? I use my keyboard for assigning extra buttons. Thanks in advance! p.s. I also own F1 2019 for PS4, in that game the keyboard is recognized and can be used as input device.
  2. GRAPHXracing

    No Engine Sound

    Changing cam brings back the engine sound. Confirmed workaround for PS4.
  3. GRAPHXracing

    No Engine Sound

    Since Tuesday I have the same issue, no engine sound. All other sounds are playing. Solved it once by switching between earphones and TV sound. But that doesn't always work. Please fix this, game without engine sound is unplayable. p.s. I have a PS4 (not the pro version)
  4. Title is kind a giveaway, I would surely love to have PSVR support in Dirt Rally 2.0 I hoped there would be some more PSVR games in the game genres I play. Dirt Rally was one of the games I really liked to play. I sure wish DR 2.0 can get the PSVR support as well.
  5. As a PS4 player, who liked the DR 1.0 VR, I sure would love to see PSVR support for DR 2.0. Maybe there will be a lack of quality, due to the PSVR restrictions, but as a PSVR owner, we know that and are used to these restrictions. Hope to see this in a future update ...