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  1. Hello I am the owner of Swift Racing League. We have 2 leagues in our server. One that starts every Saturday at 8PM GMT. Then one on Friday at 8PM GMT which is starting soon. With season two, it will involve 10 races all picked out from the favorites of the drivers. We need commentators for both leagues to stream every race. We are starting this Saturday at Britain. Friday league will be starting when we have enough drivers present but will be doing test races every so on. The rules apply as; If you do not attend within 2 races, you have to give me an explanation to why, then if it is valid i will give you 2 or 3 more weeks to prove yourself. Use all the discord channels appropriately. Do not be toxic, aggressive or rude in any way to the staff or drivers. The assists apply as: Assists: (Each one listed shows what you can use) Traction Control - Full Assisted Gears - Auto Brakes - Off Anti-Lock Brakes - Allowed Racing Line - Corners Only Pit Assist - Off Pit Release Assist - Off( Race Options: ERS - Manual Practice - Off Qualifying - Short (20 Minutes) Race - 50% Weather - Dynamic Car Performance - Equal Parc-fermé - On Car Damage - Reduced Collisions - On Safety Car - On Formation Lap - On Race Start - Manual Corner Cutting - Strict Rules and Flags - On Ghosting - On Interested or have any other questions just message me on discord at: Sepic Squirrel#0638
  2. Hello! I am the owner of Swift Racing League. We have season two coming up and starting next week with 10 races picked out from a poll by the drivers. Each race takes place on a Saturday night at 8PM GMT. We are doing Britain, Austria, France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Japan. If you have any further questions or would like to take part, feel free to message my discord - Sepic Squirrel#0638
  3. Does the Hori Racing Wheel Apex work on PC?