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  1. kleed

    F2 pit stop Sprintrace

    It spoil the experience for people who want realism. Fighting for the championship and seeing our rival (and others) making a pit while he is in front of us is absurd and takes away all satisfaction. It's a major issue.
  2. kleed

    F2 pit stop Sprintrace

    27 February, still not fixed.
  3. Please fix it... we are in november and its a major issue...
  4. kleed

    Performance Patch coming soon?

    Ferrari is still the best engine in MyTeam... No update etheir for the F2 2020
  5. Hello, having taken the game recently. I encounter a problem, my steering wheel is not properly calibrated in its axis. when i turn full left its -100% : https://i.goopics.net/74kvp.jpg when i stay in middle its -2% : https://i.goopics.net/A35kp.jpg when i turn full right its 98% : https://i.goopics.net/v8bre.jpg In my T300rs panel, everything works fine https://i.goopics.net/RrobA.png I don't have this issue in other games Can someone help me? thank you