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  1. Rebop

    Force Feedback with strange reactions!

    Could try turning up the wheel damper up to 70 or so. That gave my Thrustmaster TX F1 wheel some nice feeling resistance weight.
  2. Being a newbie to the CM forums, I mistakenly posted a comment on the beta testing on the wrong forum yesterday. 
    I believe it was deleted by a moderator. 
    Anyway, I just wanted to apologize for my faux pas. 

    1. BarryBL


      No worries @Rebop as long as it was sorted.


    2. senna94f1


      I dont want to scoff but didn't you say people have more chance to beta test if they posted in the right way about bugs 

      Well that's what a few of us were led to believe. 

      No worries. 

  3. Rebop

    Is Monaco still unplayable?

    With the great difficulty of this track, it makes me wonder how the real deal drivers manage to acclimatize them selves to this track before the age of computers and simulators. All they would have is the practice time before the race, because the streets would not be set up in the circuit form at any other time. Anyhoo… This track for me is just a big exercise in frustration. I’m like the earlier fellow who mentioned it... I try it for a while, and then get completely frustrated, and end up just ploughing through it however I can.