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  1. 1. On the Portugal track, in solo Grand Prix practice, the program has crashed 7 times in the last hour. No error codes displayed 2. version 1.12.815237 3. Solo mode - Portugal Grand Prix practice 4. The crashes re-occurred after every re-boot of the console. 5. Crash happens every time I try to run the program… usually after two or three minutes. 6. Did a complete shutdown of the console every time - held power button down for ten seconds or more before powering on. Cleared cache by unplugging unit, and pressed the power button a few times to drain any residual e
  2. I was part of the beta test for 2020, and really enjoyed the experience. I’m hoping that CM will consider age demographics in their selections. I’m 71, and still love F1 sim racing! 🙂👍
  3. Being a newbie to the CM forums, I mistakenly posted a comment on the beta testing on the wrong forum yesterday. 
    I believe it was deleted by a moderator. 
    Anyway, I just wanted to apologize for my faux pas. 

    1. BarryBL


      No worries @Rebop as long as it was sorted.


    2. senna94f1


      I dont want to scoff but didn't you say people have more chance to beta test if they posted in the right way about bugs 

      Well that's what a few of us were led to believe. 

      No worries. 

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