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  1. On triple screens its even worse. While racing all HUD is on the left monitor. In menu's some elements are currently centered properly, but then others end up on the right monitor.
  2. Sound cut out but this time game restart, PC restart does not help. Engine muted permanently. Ingame options I have all sounds at 100. Edit: As some people suggested, changing the view does indeed fix the sound. TY @piphil. What platform you're playing on (for PC also state Steam or Oculus). PC, Steam What your PC setup/build is like (graphics card, processor etc.). RTX 2080, i7-7700k, 1903 Whether you're a Standard or Deluxe user (doesn't apply to Oculus). Deluxe Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc. Not sure what you would qualify as a "non-standard peripheral".