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  1. Same thing fro Windows? I have season 3 and 4 pass and have nothing..heck I do not have Abu Dahbi or how ever it is spelled. Not to mention constant crashing and losing everything
  2. Yetskii

    Career progress reset

    This happens to me practically every day. And my Season 3 and 4 DLC does not show up....heck, I tried to play tonight, and all it did was crash as soon as i tried to do a daily a couple times..I said screw it and fired up Project Cars 2. At least that is a game I can finish races in
  3. Yetskii

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 Bug Reports

    I have very similar issue, with season 3/4 dlc, I can start a game, constant crashes, and it keeps resetting my save ...I posted about ti in general forums