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  1. Snakety

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Setup Analyzer

    Still alive and growing! Version 1.8 is now live Now with: - progress bar - support for Dirt Rally 1 - estimation of optimal RPM range - many other improvements
  2. Snakety

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Setup Analyzer

    Version 1.7 is now available I added: the new cars and tracks of the Flat Out Pack. (experimental) ground-contact detection. If you see that the inner wheel in corners is in the air, you should stiffen the stabilizer. If you see that random wheels are in the air for short periods of time, you should probably loosen the dampers or springs. This ground-contact detection doesn't reliably work on tarmac at the moment. (experimental) energy and power plots. You can see how much of the engine's power actually moves your car. These plots can hopefully help to tune the differentials and gears.
  3. Snakety

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Setup Analyzer

    I think there is still a place aside the RDA for my tool. I see it as a (simple) end-to-end solution. I'll rather stick with my tool, at least while it's fun.
  4. Snakety

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Setup Analyzer

    Your RDA seems pretty cool but I can't import the logs in MoTeC. "This Version of i2 only supports Pro enabled files". Maybe, there is a version mismatch. The i2 version you suggest in the readme is not available anymore.
  5. Snakety

    Dirt Rally 2.0 Setup Analyzer

    Thanks for the hint, I'll check it out. I knew about MoTeC but not RDA. Doesn't MoTeC cost money? Seems like Codemasters don't like to reuse code... https://www.reddit.com/r/dirtgame/comments/b4hgxy/codemasters_please_add_udp_telemetry_to_dirt/ If you can enable UDP on consoles one day, you could set the target IP to some device in your local network (instead of for localhost). In theory, you should then be able to get the data and plots on Windows, Linux and Android devices in your WIFI or LAN.
  6. Hi, I wrote a little program that makes tuning more efficient. You can e.g. see how much you hit the bump stops and whether the gears are used equally. Just download, unzip and run along DR2. The tool is free and open source: https://github.com/ErlerPhilipp/dr2_logger If there's anything unclear with the setup or usage, I'm happy to help. Just contact me or open an issue in the Github project. Also, please share your ideas for better plots. I hope it's useful. For me, it is 🙂 PS: It should also work with other Codemasters games, especially Dirt Rally 1.