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  1. jangatang

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 Bug Reports

    Hello, I have the steam version, and I made a longer post on the second page of this bug report forum detailing this access violation error. For me, it's quite sporadic, the game will run and then crash and when I try to restart the game, it will show the access violation error and then I'll send it and then I can run the game again until it crashes a few minutes thereafter. I hate that this works just fine on my monitor and the few minutes of VR just kinda ruined the monitor experience for me. I crave it and want it to work so bad. Please advise me.
  2. jangatang

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 Bug Reports

    Hello, SPECS: B450 MSI, 2600X, 16 gb 3000 mhz, r9 390, Dualshock 4, Samsung Odyssey+ I keep running into an issue where the game will cut to a blue screen with no text and then crash back to the windows MR hub. I have tried running historic events, custom events, free roam and have all had the same issue occur after about 4-8 minutes of gameplay. I have not timed them, but I have noticed they are definitely at random times. I have fpsVR and my GPU doesnt go higher than 67C and I have everything on low getting consistent 90 fps during gameplay and 60 in the menu. I initially thought it was possible if crashing the actual car caused it to glitch but after purposefully crashing the car several times it just went to a blue screen as I was driving normally in that 4-8 minute window. After getting ported back to the WMR hub, I go to my monitor desktop and "close the program" for steamVR while Dirt rally 2.0 just closes on its own. I can then start up Dirt rally 2.0 in my HMD and continue with the game until I the blue screen happens. My desktop shows up after the game crashes so I don't think it's the the usual windows 10 BSOD. Can anyone help with this issue? Edit: I just tried connecting my T300RS just to see if it would change anything, but I just got the same error after a few mintues, but I now got an error code: Access violation at address 0xe92781c7 in module 'dirtrally2.exe' + 0x8381c7. dirtrally2.exe I've sent the error in hopes a fix is found, but has anyone else have this issue? Also, the performance has drastically decreased. Before with the Dualshock, I had 90 fps at all times during gameplay, with a couple drops when there was a crowd. I now get a very frustating stutter, which I have seen mentioned elsewhere in this forum, and the game runs around 60-70 fps. Playable, but the skipping and stuttering did give me a slight headache after playing for a bit. I played a second time and the game crashed without a blue screen. It froze the frame when it crashed and then stood there a for a few seconds then went to a black screen on the HMD. Also, no error code was given this time. I played a third time and the game crashed again with a blue screen. and a similar error code with different addresses popped up, I have also sent it: Access violation at address 0xe952e059 in module 'dirtrally2.exe' + 0xaee059. dirtrally2.exe I think I'm able to successfully recreate the bug now, but keep getting slightly varied error codes, also sent the following: Access violation at address 0x7bcb81c7 in module 'dirtrally2.exe' + 0x8381c7. dirtrally2.exe There was also a SteamVR notification pop up this time as well: "VR-Error! SteamVR failed initialization with error code: VRInitError_IPC_CompositorConnectFailed "Shared IPC Compositor Connect Failed (306)"
  3. jangatang

    Crashes when start in VR, 2D loads fine

    Hello, I'm not so educated in computer jargon. Could you elaborate what you did specifically to fix this issue? I've had the same issue with the following specs: B450 MSI, 2600x, 16 gb 3000 mhz RAM, R9 390, Samsung Odyssey+, Steam version running SteamVR, using dual shock 4 I also have fpsVR installed too and I run the game just fine on all low settings with consistent 90 fps. I tried running freeplay, historic events, and custom events, and find that after about 10-15 minutes of play, my HMD would flash a blue screen with no text (it was a different color than the standard windows 10 BSOD, more of a royal blue than the standard light blue BSOD). After a few seconds, I'm ported back to the starting house for WMR and see on my desktop a similar error code to you (access violoation and dirtrally2.exe, but the numbers were different). Also, the 2D version runs just fine on my monitor and I played for about 3-4 hours without any issues across several different modes.