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  1. Hello, I have the steam version, and I made a longer post on the second page of this bug report forum detailing this access violation error. For me, it's quite sporadic, the game will run and then crash and when I try to restart the game, it will show the access violation error and then I'll send it and then I can run the game again until it crashes a few minutes thereafter. I hate that this works just fine on my monitor and the few minutes of VR just kinda ruined the monitor experience for me. I crave it and want it to work so bad. Please advise me.
  2. Hello, SPECS: B450 MSI, 2600X, 16 gb 3000 mhz, r9 390, Dualshock 4, Samsung Odyssey+ I keep running into an issue where the game will cut to a blue screen with no text and then crash back to the windows MR hub. I have tried running historic events, custom events, free roam and have all had the same issue occur after about 4-8 minutes of gameplay. I have not timed them, but I have noticed they are definitely at random times. I have fpsVR and my GPU doesnt go higher than 67C and I have everything on low getting consistent 90 fps during gameplay and 60 in the menu. I initially tho
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