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  1. alex6463

    Changing AI diffilculty F1 2019

    Ok Im on PC will see if I get this notification !
  2. I would like to know how to change the Ai difficulty in career mode without starting a new career (F1 2019) Thank you!
  3. alex6463

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    @steviejay69 Thank you very much !!! I've been able to play 45 min without crashing on version 1.12. More testing to come but looking good so far. I did disconnect my flight sim hardware, updated the BIOS and killed (Lightkeeperservice) from task manager.
  4. alex6463

    F1 2019 - DX12 Stability Issues

    Same issue here. Shader cache is turned off. I did the first race of my second career and cant get thru Barhein with out crashing. egodumper.log DxDiag.txt hardwaresettings.zip