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  1. I looked at what some of you refer to as color banding and I must say the effect is MUCH stronger on my side. I have attached 2 pictures I took with my phone straight through the lens. On the first one you can clearly see color banding on the sky. On the second one, it is very noticeable where the cockpit and legs are either black or blue, no inbetween. I can't take a picture of both lenses at the same time but I can say that the separation between blue and black is not at the same place for both eyes making for a very weird effect. On the third picture (taken with the lens removed) you can see something I forgot to mention: The left eye bleeds in the right eye portion (not vice-versa). It is visible mostly in the menu because of the contrast with black and only if the lenses are very close to the eye. Seems like the left portion of the screen should be 1-2 pixels more to the left. For some reason the pictures are rotated 90° on the forum...
  2. Thanks. I thought it would be in the VR config file. I tried taking screenshots of the strong color banding effect today but it turns out the effect is not present in the mirrored screen. I also noticed that the weird banding on dark areas does not make sense for both eyes. It is not placed in the same position in the left eye and the right eye. Maybe like it is out of focus and you see double. I don't know but it really ruins it in dark areas.
  3. Oculus Rift DK2 GTX1070 i7-7700k Steam standard version. With the new Oculus SDK, colors are more vivid for some reason but there are graphical issues: 1. Dark areas are super dark compared to before (cockpit, scenery). Very obvious in Spain where in one of the stage (don't remember which one sorry), the shadows of the tree make the whole course dark as night. Can't see even with headlights on. It was not like this before the update. I put the brightness slider up but still, something is wrong. 2. Very strong color banding all around the place in dark areas (most notably track surface and cockpit). Probably related to the first issue I mentionned. Was not like that before the update. Other issues: 3. Asynchronous space warp or time warp don't seem to be working as in other titles. FPS drops make the game run slow then fast in alternance. 4. No way to adjust monitor mirroring options such as resolution and windowed mode. 5. I cannot use SteamVR anymore. I can see SteamVR on my headset but I get a blackscreen when I launch the game. Wish I could go back to 1.8 and SteamVR to be honest. Crossing my fingers for a patch soon! Will send a screenshot of the graphical issues soon.