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  1. Just a general FYI - twice now I've installed Dirt Rally 2.0 on my PC from the windows store, and both times after uninstalling I've found it has NOT been removed from the drive - 90Gb of space lost! Both times my only choice has been to nuke it from orbit (format the offending drive). As a gaming drive with only a few games it wasn't so bad - but I feel sorry for you if it's on your Windows drive. I will never be installing the windows store version again, there is something seriously wrong with it which I do not get with other windows store games.
  2. Yes this DX hack has fixed the Dirt Rally 2.0 stutter for me on PC with a G29 plugged in. I've had this stutter drive me mad in Dirt Rally 1 and Dirt 4 before this, I see the fix says it will fix those games too! Unbelievable!! Surely there are people at Codemasters who have been made aware about this guys diagnosis and fix. I am simply ASTOUNDED they've not implemented their own fix in the development and support of 3 triple-A games, what on earth is going on there? Not one single developer there willing to go back and fix it (yes, for all 3 games)? Totally shocked, I thought they seemed like one of the better developers out there, but this stinks of amateurism or a serious issue in their core programming team.
  3. I have 3 questions - 1 - Where is my progress saved on my PC? Is it hidden due to it being a PC Windows Store game? (I fear the answer is yes) Documents/My Games/DiRT Rally 2.0/savegame/ is empty. 2 - Is it backing it up to the xbox live cloud? (I fear the answer is no as the Windows store entry doesn't say it supports it) 3 - Will my progress be lost if I ever want to switch pc? (I fear the answer is yes) I get it if being a PC Windows Store game means the save files are hidden away as a Microsoft rule, but if that's the case you need to support the Xbox live cloud save system, otherwise we're tied to one PC forever and there is nothing we can do to even manually copy it. Either support the cloud or give us the ability to backup and copy saves ourselves. I assume it's not syncing to the cloud because I've also noticed when I launch the game on my xbox one it says syncing with cloud and then presents me with setting up a new profile screen. If you think the PC version is syncing then why isn't it showing up on my xbox?
  4. No suggestions? Is noone else playing via the game pass having these issues?