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  1. Career events are exactly the same as Freeplay events (you can link up to 5 races) so I find this request rather strange 🤔
  2. You can add longer track loading times to the list. When Grid first released it took like 5 seconds, with every season update it seems to get worse and it's now up to 30 seconds for me. Edit: That's with no hardware/software changes on my end.
  3. But the Career events are exactly the same as the Freeplay events. What is so special about the Career mode that warrants a higher payout? Again, what am I missing here?
  4. But Career mode is nothing more as a bunch of separate Freeplay events? Am I missing something here?
  5. But the size of the game installation is already at 73GB
  6. I had the same question and it was answered on discord by Chris so here you go: "ChrisGroves18: they take the settings you use/adjusted in single player menus"
  7. RipHawk

    Car tuning in multiplayer

    I like solution 2 as it uses the same screen when you visit the garage from the main menu (press LT to adjust car setup) so it's an elegant solution while in the skirmish mode. Solution 1 sounds nice to me as well, mostly from a public lobby point of view. There is something to be said about everyone driving with the same car setup. Solution 3 will take more work as you said and also not a big fan of further increasing the downtime between different races. Finding a balanced setup for all the races in an event (solution 2) also sounds more fun to me, cause you will have different results between races depending on how people set up their cars.
  8. RipHawk

    Livery color bug in multiplayer

    So just played some more and it happens also when not the lobby host. By re-selecting the current car (2x) or switching to another car and then back it will update to the correct livery. It seems to happen after every race (made a custom livery for each car class to test).
  9. RipHawk

    Livery color bug in multiplayer

    @ChrisGrovesMCM - I can't remember to be honest, will try to play some more in Quick Match and see if I can reproduce it.
  10. RipHawk

    This is the worst GRID so far.

    I no longer play it, but still have the original disc. Fond memories playing it on LAN!
  11. That's a great start to 2020, let's keep this up! 🤜🤛
  12. RipHawk

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    For Multiplayer: Wish we could tweak the setup of cars while in the skirmish waiting room and picking a car (just like pressing LT while browsing the garage from the main menu). Currently there is no way to change the setup at all in multiplayer.
  13. RipHawk

    Livery color bug in multiplayer

    Also happened to me in Quick Match multiplayer, Steam/PC version.
  14. - Able to save up to 3 events (similar to how Project Cars 2 did it) so you can quickly run your favorite ones, without having to remember all the settings each time. - Able to set Track and Route to <random> for each of the rounds in the event (if Track is set to random, Route will be disabled as a setting) - Able to set Time of Day to <random> instead of having to always choose a specific time of day. These few tweaks would improve my enjoyment of the singleplayer racing in Grid quite a lot. Being able to quickly jump into Free Play, without having to setup the event each time would be a nice quality of life improvement. The extra random settings are nice for when you want that extra variation race to race, without having to specify each track specifically. Thanks for listening
  15. RipHawk

    Best way to race in Grid?

    That's also how it used to work in Quick Match multiplayer (3 race events) and it was fun to try and climb back up the standings after a bad round 1. Unfortunately, Quick Match multiplayer was changed to just 1 round with a random starting grid. So if you start at the back you are out of luck vs players of equal skill level (and that's what you want for good racing). The reason it got changed was to fill up lobbies faster, but I seriously hope this gets re-considered over time. Constantly getting booted back to the skirmish mode after 1 race gets tiresome as well. "But public lobbies are coming" <-- This is true and will be the only proper way to race in multiplayer with the changes done to Quick Match.
  16. RipHawk

    Free Play improvements (Grid 2019)

    Quick mock-up that shows available space for saving 3 events: And extra settings + Save Event (X):
  17. RipHawk

    Bugged Accolade season 1

  18. In addition to the problem described in this thread, the video is also a good example of the tone mapping issue in cockpit view (being too dark).
  19. RipHawk

    Bugged Accolade season 1

    Can confirm, same issue on my end. It's the only accolade from season 1 that didn't unlock properly.
  20. Can confirm, tried tweaking settings in and out of the game but can't get it right. (Cockpit view way too dark)
  21. RipHawk

    Season 1 Impressions

    - Loading times have increased a bit for me (Steam/PC)
  22. RipHawk

    GRID Essentials - Multiplayer Details

    Not exclusive to multiplayer, can report the same happens in single-player. The AI cars are unfair to race against, and when they do spin out (mostly scripted) they will go on and set the fastest laps of the race (+- 3 seconds faster) in last position.
  23. RipHawk

    Gamepad controls settings and assists

    The deadzone is set per keybinding (have to set for turn left and right individually). At first I though why have a different deadzone for left/right, but it turns out some controllers are not centered perfectly after a lot of use and then you can fine tune it to your liking. Edit: Increased the Steering sensitivity a little bit (50% --> 66%) and this further helped with catching slides due to oversteer.
  24. RipHawk

    Gamepad controls settings and assists

    Steering sensitivity - 50 % (same as default) Steering linearity - 0 (default is 4). At 0, steering matches input and it feels more responsive. Steering deadzone - 10% (default is 20%) I'm not yet sure about the traction control and stability assists. I tried a few different values, but right now I prefer to have them completely off and only play with ABS at 3.
  25. RipHawk

    GRID - Mode/Feature/Content Suggestions

    In Free Play: - Able to save up to 3 events (similar to how Project Cars 2 did it) so you can quickly run your favorite ones, without having to remember all the settings each time. - Able to set time of day to <random> instead of having to always choose a specific time of day.