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  1. Meliodas348

    F1 2018 Crashes while loading

    Unfortunately DDU and deleting the hardware settings didnt't work. And there is no way that I will reinstall windows 10 for a game... Anyways, thank you for trying to help. I'll keep searching for solutions.
  2. Hello Everyone! So my problem is that F1 2018 crashes when it's loading, regardless of the gamemode. The game's previous version ran fine on my computer. The game doesn't give me a crash report, it just closes. I have looked up different websites, forums and watched videos to find a solution, but none of them worked. Things I have already tried: -reinstalling the game, 3 times -verify integrity of game files, at least 4 times -changing the graphics and audio settings -updating my GPU driver My config: GeForce GTX 950 Intel Core i7-6700 3.40GHz 8 Gb RAM Win 10