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  1. Rom95380

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Version 1.9 VR Feedback

    Hello everone, I have FPS issues when I turn the render quality to "High" instead of low, even with everything else on Ultra Low. I feel like my computer can run it at least in medium with AAx2, but it's not the case. HTC Vive Cosmos, Ryzen 7 3700x, RTX 2070 Super, Everything updated. Thanks for your support, Romain.
  2. Rom95380

    Windshield wipers engaging randomly

    Ah I thought I was the only one ahah I'm interested about the answer too !
  3. Rom95380

    Dirt Rally 2 stuttering every 2/3 seconds

    os3n, I think exactly the same. It shows well the attitude of Codemasters and there is no way CM can argue against this. I'm really disgusted about CM now. I bought Dirt Rally 2.0 only for the VR support (I had Dirt Rally 1, but no "official" support on HTC Vive), so it's disapointing. Now I have to fix the overall performance, trying to get fairly decent graphics whithout being stuck around 40 fps (and when I say decent, I don't mean Ultra, I hope I could reach Medium + AAx2). Thanks for your support guys, You're more helpful than the dev themselves.
  4. Rom95380

    Dirt Rally 2 stuttering every 2/3 seconds

    But I tried with Monte-Carlo, and it's really crazy that the game cannot run better than that on a 2070s. it basically means we are stuck on low, no AA while on other games we can acheive a much higher quality. I'm pretty sure there is a real problem, it's not just us who are asking too much. Just look at how many people watched this topic compared to other topics... Codemasters, please do something !
  5. Rom95380

    Dirt Rally 2 stuttering every 2/3 seconds

    Everything Ultra Low, but render quality on High, my FPS are doing something like 45,80,45,80,45... every second
  6. Rom95380

    Dirt Rally 2 stuttering every 2/3 seconds

    I registered on this website just to tell CM how bad they are, and I regret my purchase, but apparently, Sberci, you are more useful than 3000 developpers who cannot fix the problem ! Thank you ! (not Codemasters...) EDIT : It just solved this issue with an Ultra Low setting, no AA. But the game is not smooth AT ALL on anything higher than Ultra Low settings, with a RTX 2070 super... !!! Still stuttering. Codemasters, I left a bad review on Steam (and I know you don't care, thousands of people complain on the forums but nothing changes) I'm so dissapointed... CM, you're really bad and you know it.