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  1. AgPilot

    Setups and settings saga

    I know I can’t keep up with the guys but at least once I’m putting Senna where he belongs!
  2. AgPilot

    Setups and settings saga

    Exactly! If only they could get a flat tire for that 😂
  3. AgPilot

    Setups and settings saga

    Accepted and I apologize for the words. Maybe we have to deal with the Real cheaters in a comic way, it doesn’t stop us from having fun. I see you enjoy racing as you mentioned and in your videos and my anger at the moment was wrongly directed to you. Take care
  4. AgPilot

    Setups and settings saga

    I have nothing against you, at all. And I myself race to win as well but that doesn’t mean I’ll force people of track. I just try to catch them down the track. Anyway, it’s just a game, it made sense when I wrote but it doesn’t now.
  5. AgPilot

    Setups and settings saga

    Hey cheater (@CosareNL) I thought I’ve seen your name somewhere! Here it is. This guy starts a race pushing you to the grass...afraid of a real race it seems. Thought when you max out the score the only goal was to purely race, but for you it seems the goal is to keep your 9999. Good luck!