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  1. Hi, one suggestion - I think it would be great if it would be possible to do advanced filtering in leaderboards. I would really appreciate if it would be possible to filter not just by assists on / off as on comminity events page, but also by type of shifting. I'm trying to learn to drive manual H-shifter with clutch and I would like to know how far behind am I and for what times I should aim, because I think there would be quite considerable difference between sequential shifting with automatic clutch vs full manual on these cars with H-shifter. Full manual with heel / toe braking when downshifting to keep the car stable is really rewarding, but also frustrating at the same time, because I'm way behind the best times on leaderboards. I found this page https://dirtrally2.com/community-events with filtering for assists but the fastest times are comparable between on / off. What does this setting "on" mean there? Does it include manual with clutch or not? I just cannot imagine manual with H-shifter could be as fast as with sequential shifting with auto clutch. It would be great to know how much should I try to push it.
  2. I have set option in menu for windscreen wipers to manual - I expect to have full control over it and not that it randomly does it for you. There is other setting auto for windscreen wipers where this behaviour would make sense.
  3. I wonder how much time it would take to add another option semi-auto to windscreen wiper setting, which would be current random wipes and the manual would be truly manual. Other than this, I'm really enjoying it. Just hope I will manage to get used to it over time...
  4. It might look like a little issue, but for me it's really irritating as it makes me feel I don't have full control of the car. I'm trying to make my peace with it, but it's real immersion breaker for me every time it happens.
  5. Just got DR2 and it's really great, but what totally breaks immersion for me is windshield wipers engaging randomly with single wipe. I have windshield wipers set to manual. It seems like a bug to me, but if it is feature, it's really bad one. Every time it wipes the screen out of nowhere, I get pulled out of the game... Is there any way to disable it / fix it on my side or is it something developers must address? Thanks.