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  1. Adding to that, bright changes are not natural. HDR effect in VR must be different!! Is not normal, not real, that moving a little your head (in VR you are always moving the head) does bright changes a lot. HDR in VR must be softer. Changing only when you enter in a tunnel, trees zones, etc. And it must spend various seconds in change. +1. Why not 3D replays? Where is the problem in doing it? And please, save the replays as in others simulators!!
  2. I've lost with all your VR messages 😄 I usually drive with my Oculus rift S with ASW "On" (not Auto) in my i7 9700K 2080S because it's very very smooth (only a few asw artifacts when you are stopped) and I can grow up graphical options to High even Ultra someone. But I would like to know, if it's possible, your Graphical options in order to run at 90fps almost all the time because even at 40fps, I have some little suttering in some tracks (with rain). 😉
  3. A lot of connections issues last week!! It's almost impossible to participate in a championship in my own club. I have to try a lot of times to enter in the club, a lot of times to enter in championship, a lot of retries between track and track... Yesterday I leave a championship after more than 20 tries between two tracks... My connection is a fiber 100 Mbps only for me and it works perfect with other apps. High end computer (Steam version). Spain region (Europe). It happened the same to all other drivers in the club these days. Clubs server is a Spectrum ZX?? 😄
  4. Ohh, such interesting thing!! Thanks about the info 🙂
  5. As somethingthing, I have no problems in VR with DR2 (but all issues posted months ago). i7 9700 and 2080 Super. Supersampling set to 1.9 in OTT. AA at 2x and anisotropic to 16x. ASW always ON! And rendering options between high and ultra.
  6. ... And we are in February... Is it so difficult to change options in the game to mirror only one eye to the window/screen, Codemasters? Please, VR users exist!! Edit: BTW, Codemasters must be using Oculus mirror app in Oculus sdk version, because if you activate HUD in OTT or Oculus Debug Tool, you'll see it in the screen!! (So, I think is easier to mirroring only one eye). PS. It's the only game i know in which you can see HUD in the screen.
  7. ASW works only in 45 mode. Auto mode is horrible, it brakes and accelerates the time (a kind of suttering) for every Oculus user... I don't recommend it. 45 mode is perfect in DR2! 🙂
  8. It's very strange. Do you have 8 Gb of VRAM in your 2080? Check your system, maybe antivirus or another service running in background ??
  9. I have a similar PC and tried yesterday a few tracks and I haven't noticed any issue. Game settings high-ultra, CMAA and supersampling at 2.0 (i7 9700K, 2080 Super, Rift S). And ASW always On. I'll test today Spain... As said in last paragraph, I used CMAA and supersampling 2.0 and is not blurry or pixelated... but using Oculus SDK, of course. I didn't tried SteamVR as you.
  10. Yes, it's said at 1.12 Bug reports thread: I hope they fix it ASAP. EDIT: I've just saw you wrote in that thread 😉
  11. Yes, it works !!! Thanks a lot. In fact, I do this at the start of any race (with HMD always on my face): I go to Menu, I change AA to next value, then apply, then change again to my favourite value, apply again, and exit from Menu to race. As MongoJon [VR] said, it has to be solved ASAP. (that bug and all VR bugs detected, filled and not solved since september... )
  12. What platform you're playing on: PC, Steam, Oculus Rift S What your PC setup/build is like: i7 9700K, GTX 1080 8Gb VRAM, 32 Gb RAM If you're playing on PC, state whether you're in 2D or VR: VR, Oculus Rift Mode Whether or not you have any non-standard peripherals connected, like steering wheels, gaming mice etc. Using G27 from Logitech After this patch is impossible to set supersampling in the game (for example, using Oculus Debug Tool or Oculus Tray Tool). The Game starts with supersampling set, in menus, but when I start a race, SS sets to 0.0 or worse. All is horribly pixelated!
  13. Both things are relationated. You need 11 ms max tu make a frame if you want to run in 90fps mode. Rift S works at 80Hz so you need 12,5ms max (not 11ms) to run at 80fps. But if you use ASW, you only need half the frames because another half are made syntetic. So, with ASW on, in Oculus Rift cv1 you can spent 22ms (max) to do a frame, and using Oculus Rift S, 25 ms. I put my rendering options, AA and SS such render timmings don't go further than 25ms (in 99% of times). And the game runs as a charm.
  14. Yes, ASW in Dirt Rally 2.0 is very very good. I've tested reproyection in other HMDs (reproyection is similar to ASW in Oculus) and results aren't so good as in Oculus. I get 40 fps with my computer with high-ultra settings and 1.6 on SS, with ASW on. With ASW off, I can only put med-low settings with 1.3 SS to get 80 fps. ASW uses 40 fps in order to produce other "syntetic" 40 fps interleaved, so you'll get 80 fps. It's very smooth driving or moving the head. Not so smooth when you see the people moving around you (before you start the race)... but it's no important.
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