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  1. Upsss... I went to quote joxxor comment without realizing you answered him (I saw his answer in mobile phone and I answered in computer)... Sorry! In fact, I misread your answer. Fixed!
  2. Thanks... but this is not a solution (for me); I want to see rain drops, but not in this way. If I have a good PC I want to put shaders "on" (high), the difference is _BIG_ against shaders low. Codemasters don't think in VR, we are a few (compared to a lot of people in PS4 and Xbox), but growing... And CS made nothing to fix VR bugs. It's a pitty. Anyway, thanks again about that workaround 😉
  3. cestomano

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Adding to that, bright changes are not natural. HDR effect in VR must be different!! Is not normal, not real, that moving a little your head (in VR you are always moving the head) does bright changes a lot. HDR in VR must be softer. Changing only when you enter in a tunnel, trees zones, etc. And it must spend various seconds in change. +1. Why not 3D replays? Where is the problem in doing it? And please, save the replays as in others simulators!!
  4. cestomano

    Night graphics still not fixed on Rift ?

    Sadly, it's not fixed yet... Maybe someday...? Maybe. Maybe not... 😞
  5. cestomano

    Auto Exposure DISABLE

    Agree! VR playing is different to monitor playing. In VR you are constantly moving your head and exposition changes too fast and is very very uncomfortable. If you (Codemasters) don't want to disable HDR at all please consider to slow the changes in VR. Similar as driving in real life and entering in a tunnel... Eyes spent 3-4 seconds to adapt to new conditions
  6. I've lost with all your VR messages 😄 I usually drive with my Oculus rift S with ASW "On" (not Auto) in my i7 9700K 2080S because it's very very smooth (only a few asw artifacts when you are stopped) and I can grow up graphical options to High even Ultra someone. But I would like to know, if it's possible, your Graphical options in order to run at 90fps almost all the time because even at 40fps, I have some little suttering in some tracks (with rain). 😉
  7. cestomano

    DiRT Rally 2.0 - Clubs Connectivity

    A lot of connections issues last week!! It's almost impossible to participate in a championship in my own club. I have to try a lot of times to enter in the club, a lot of times to enter in championship, a lot of retries between track and track... Yesterday I leave a championship after more than 20 tries between two tracks... My connection is a fiber 100 Mbps only for me and it works perfect with other apps. High end computer (Steam version). Spain region (Europe). It happened the same to all other drivers in the club these days. Clubs server is a Spectrum ZX?? 😄
  8. cestomano

    Half-Life Alyx and Dirt rally 2 vr

    I've post some VR issues lot of times... And nothing had fixed. And many of them I think are easy to fix it. But I have got used to drive with all them. Worse for me is colour banding and rain effects. I can't drive in night or rainy levels as I would like. And every time I start a stage I change gamma level depending of weather and time. What kind of things must do VR players in this life!! About ASW, I prefer to enable it (never Auto) in this game and grow up supersampling and rendering options. Regards...
  9. +1 I feel the same. Also In tarmac there are no bumps or engine vibrations? I don't feel gear changes like in other racing games
  10. Ohh, such interesting thing!! Thanks about the info 🙂
  11. cestomano

    VR FAQ & Performance

    Really?? I have to try it ;-)
  12. As somethingthing, I have no problems in VR with DR2 (but all issues posted months ago). i7 9700 and 2080 Super. Supersampling set to 1.9 in OTT. AA at 2x and anisotropic to 16x. ASW always ON! And rendering options between high and ultra.
  13. cestomano

    VR low resolution?

    Maybe you haven't set a good supersampling. Before starting DR2, set a good supersampling in SteamVR, settings, video. Try between 150% and 200% of original resolution. If you can (with your 1080Ti), put more. And test it with and without reprojection. If you won't see changes, maybe you are using an old version (two weeks ago) when you needed to change AA in a race in order to see supersampling well set.
  14. cestomano

    rain on screen in VR

    I've been thinking about this problem too. As you said, maybe a solution could be smoothing/blurr rain automatically when the car moves, simulating focus to exterior effect...?
  15. ... And we are in February... Is it so difficult to change options in the game to mirror only one eye to the window/screen, Codemasters? Please, VR users exist!! Edit: BTW, Codemasters must be using Oculus mirror app in Oculus sdk version, because if you activate HUD in OTT or Oculus Debug Tool, you'll see it in the screen!! (So, I think is easier to mirroring only one eye). PS. It's the only game i know in which you can see HUD in the screen.