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  1. JamesleeGTO

    Handbrake stuck in VR

    I reset the whole game from the reset menu and now my handbrake works as it should. Input menu is exactly the same post reset as it was pre reset, so I can’t tell you exactly what was going wrong but I can confirm the reset has worked. Thankfully Sunday was my first ever day playing DR2 and the only saved data I had were my VR, graphic and steering wheel settings. Please sort out the usb stutter, because plugging in a DualShock 4 controller and then unplugging it to resolve stutter is a real pain with a rift S on your head. Thank you
  2. JamesleeGTO

    Handbrake stuck in VR

    Sunday all day I was playing DR2 in VR with no hitches thank you CM! ( still needs a bit more work to get to original dirt rally vr standards ) This morning I thought I would play some more before work and now the handbrake in game won’t release. I have mapped handbrake to both my club sport handbrake and also tried using a button on the wheel. Both are recognised in input menus and gauges menu but not in car. I go into a rally, I press the handbrake button or pull on the handbrake, the car instantly drops to neutral, the countdown begins and when it’s time to go my driver still has his hand on the handbrake and I’m left stuck at the line only able to apply gas, turn wheel but unfortunately my car won’t move. i have played dirt rally 1.0 this morning and other sims no problem at all. i have a fanatec PS4 csl elite wheel and pedals, plus club sport shifter and handbrake. I have put the wheel into old school mode / clubsport mode like you do for dirt rally 1.0 and I have tried it in normal pc mode and get the same results. Please send help, this was my first ever day of playing DR2 with my rift S via steam purchase post oculus sdk update and now I can’t play again aghhhhhh many thanks