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  1. n17r0uS.!?

    Only DX12... ***, really?!

    I just don’t understand why it was that necessary to remove DirectX11. It doesn’t cost you anything to just add it... Or NOT?! Many games have DirectX12 support, but only SUPPORT, as option. If you want - use DirectX12, if you don’t - here is DirectX11. Why was that done? WHAT FOR?! I understand that now the majority uses Win10, but 25-35% users are still using Win7. This is a considerable percentage! Maybe Microsoft paid to CM for such "exclusivity", like Epic Games paid Remedy for Control. P.S. I'm sorry for such "evil" posts, but i have a big butthurt about this decision.
  2. n17r0uS.!?

    Only DX12... ***, really?!

    I remembered that I pre-ordered GRID 2019 on 22th May. At that moment, Codemasters didn't reveal system requirements. In general, you should talk about such things in advance, and certainly BEFORE you open a pre-orders for your product.
  3. n17r0uS.!?

    Only DX12... ***, really?!

    So what?! I remember, that I used WinXP until 2010-2011 and i move on Win7 when MS released SP1 for it. Yeah, Win7 is EOL soon, but it's OFFICIALLY... Don't forget about the community! ) Even WinXP is still alive. Just tell me - WHY(?) i need to move on Win10, if Win7 i like more and i still can play, work, have fun and other using this OS.
  4. n17r0uS.!?

    Only DX12... ***, really?!

    I'm using Win7. This method is necessary in order to use DirectX 11 under Win10. For me it will no work! ((
  5. Dear Codemasters, are you NUTS?! Millions of gamers still using Win7 as stable (not such as UNIX-based OS, but...) platform and DX12 not giving such pretty image and other improvements, if comparing with DX11. In fact, in march 2019, Microsoft announced that they will finally ports DirectX 12 to Windows 7. They already posted some materials on GitHub that could help developers. And how about Vulkan? P.S. I have one more thing to say: Codemasters, get ready for Review-BOMBING... Personally, I will not leave any feedback. P.P.S Sorry for my bad English.