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  1. I know there's a lot going on right now, but I feel this shouldn't be avoided. I've talked about it on the Discord a few times but didn't think about posting it on the forums. I believe the FWD car physics need some looking into. Maybe this leads into other areas of the engine, I'm not sure, but it's not right. Lift off oversteer. It's non existent. It feels very strange to drive a FWD car in G19, given that every other driving game on the planet has had some form of lift off oversteer with FWD cars. Right now, every single car behaves the same way if you have traction - understeer. Every single one. It's almost like the cars aren't modeled to have any weight bias. I know this isn't a sim, and I'm not asking for it to be, but all the GRID games up until now I believe had at least some form of lift off oversteer for FWD cars. This is true to life as the weight bias is towards the front of the car. More weight at the front = more grip at the front, resulting in the rear end kicking out. This may also be combined with the lack of engine braking in the game (as far as I can tell). All you need to do to see the huge amounts of understeer in any car is get up to high speed for a long sweeping corner (first corner of Okutama GP is a good example), turn in hard and lift off the throttle without applying any brake, and see what happens. The front just wants to go straight ahead, with the rear lagging behind. Understeer. This is a characteristic of a rear weight bias - i.e. rear engine. Now with a FWD, this shouldn't happen. The tail should immediately lose traction because of a) engine braking at the front b) lack of weight at the back. Of course, if you use throttle during a corner in FWD, you should experience understeer. That's fine. Overall the game feels very understeer-y. I'm OK with it for the most part for most other car types. But for FWD it just feels so unnatural and wrong. It feels hard to enjoy driving FWD. Lift off oversteer is where all the fun is! Thoughts?
  2. mojoe_x

    New projects, some ideas for Codemasters.

    Thanks for confirming the point. Think twice about preaching subjective opinions as fact next time.
  3. mojoe_x

    New projects, some ideas for Codemasters.

    Well I mean, I could go to a website focused on SIM racers and ask them if they like arcade racers, but am I going to in order to confirm your biased point? Nope. People like what they like. Some people like to try everything. Some people prefer sims, some don't. So refrain from making bold subjective statements about it based on your personal preference. Starting to wonder how much of any of the GRID games you've played. In order of the most (objectively) arcade handling: GRID2 GRID Autosport GRID19 If you disagree with that then I suggest you shut up and stick to your sim racers.
  4. mojoe_x

    New projects, some ideas for Codemasters.

    Dumb statement is dumb. A large amount of people who play sims also enjoy G19. Numerous youtubers and people on the discord. Myself included. Same can be said for Dirt as well. Just because they handle different doesn't mean that the people playing are different..
  5. mojoe_x

    Problem choosing monitor GRID 2019

    Problem and workaround there
  6. hardware_settings and hardware_info are regenerated on every launch. Try setting it up how you want it, alt+tab and mark them as read only. Obviously a workaround - have you tried launching as Admin?
  7. mojoe_x

    Quick Update - 15/10/2019

    Thanks a lot for the update Chris. Looking forward to more news and an ETA of the hotfix!
  8. mojoe_x

    Matchmaking problems ...

    Thanks a lot for the update. Really happy to see that it's a priority for you guys.
  9. Thanks for the update, Chris!
  10. mojoe_x

    Error mesagge -GRID 2019

    Couple of results on google relating to this library seems to be pointing to a joypad/controller devices having dodgy drivers installed or misconfiguration somewhere. A couple of solutions here; https://www.google.com/search?q=ezfrd64.dll&rlz=1C1CHBF_enGB773GB773&oq=ezfrd64.dll&aqs=chrome.0.0l6.5727j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  11. @ChrisGrovesMCM more reports of broken Trophies/Achievements/Accolades.
  12. Most of the achievements and accolades are bugged. They're not tracking.
  13. @ChrisGrovesMCM as above, also seems to be an issue across multiple platforms.
  14. @ChrisGrovesMCM please see updates in this thread. This seems to be a cross platform issue (all platforms). Hope to hear some updates regarding it soon 🙂
  15. Thank you for the response. And hope you're feeling better! Look forward to hear of any news that comes from the teams inside 🙂 On a side note - tell whoever made the Viper GT-1 engine sounds that they're getting a raise 😉